TOMMA INTET – …And The Fallen Universe

Rating: 3.0/5
Released: May 2018
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TOMMA INTET - ...And The Fallen Universe
TOMMA INTET – …And The Fallen Universe
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‘Undefined amount of members’


1. I Leave (3:56)
2. Falling From The Edge Of The World (3:37)
3. The Priest And The Pig (2:38)
4. Ciudad Juarez (2:59)
5. Madeleine (3:59)
6. Ambien (3:17)
7. Montparnasse (Till Johnny) (4:12)
8. Total Destruction Is The Only Solution (2:51)
9. Moderat (2:34)
10. Home (5:51)



This album was tricky for me. I’ll be honest, there isn’t much for me to relate this back to as it isn’t something I typically listen to. That being said, I did enjoy it and put a lot of what I thought it was relatable to into it. Initially, it sounds like someone I can’t actually put my finger on. I want to say that it’s within the 90s indie genre or Brit pop/rock somewhere. However, Tomma Intet (which means nothingness) gripped my attention by doing something refreshing in the scene by being different.

Now I was listening to this in my room when a family member walked by and told me someone this band reminded me of. In the 90s there was a band called Huge Baby and when listening to them I was surprised to know that they hadn’t gotten a ‘huge’ amount of success. They were good and their song Voodoo has a very similar vibe to the rest of this album. They describe themselves as 60s dreamy pop music mixed with 80s new wave and I’m inclined to believe that. They have stated that you will hear elements of The Beatles and The Beach Boys and that does ring true, however, I also hear a little dash of Blondie.

Overall this album is well constructed and interesting to listen to. It’s good to have something different entering the alternative scene in a reinvented form and I think personally the most enjoyable track on the album to express this is track 5 – Madeleine. The use of ambient guitar in this track is what most caught my attention and I feel as though others will enjoy this song most as well.

Review by

Courtney Solloway