Aggression – Feels Like Punk, Sound Like Thrash

Rating: 2/5
Released: 2018
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Band line up:

Vocals – Brian Langley
Guitar – Denis ‘Sasquatch‘ Barthe
Guitar – Dave Watson
Bass – Jon Power
Drums – Ryan Murray Idris


01. Avalanche (2:00)
02. Attack of the Ice Lizards (5:01)
03. Jehovah’s Evil Curse (3:58)
04. Tales of Terror (4:02)
05. Stench of Your Mediocre Existence (2:18)
06. Riding with the Living Dead (3:44)
07. Torturing the Deceased (3:38)
08. Once Upon a Time in Hell (3:58)
09. A River of Piss and Vinegar (4:08)

I am a bit sceptical when bands return after long, long years out, and that’s exactly what happened with Aggression from Canada.

They were active for 2 years, and then there was nothing for 17 years, until 2004 when they came out with an album. Then there was silence for 12 years. So another album came out in 2016, then now in 2018 the fourth album: “Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash”.

I love the name of the album; it made me super excited. Not to mention the cover art. Proper old school thrash cover art. The picture, the logo… it’s simply perfect. Zombies, baseball bat, blood, leather jacket. Amazing.The shock caused by the disappointment came nearly as soon as I hit play. It just doesn’t sound thrash. Not in 2018. I grew up on 80’s thrash and was happy when the renaissance of thrash came and amazing new bands emerged. If I have to choose a favourite genre it has to be thrash metal, but the latest effort of Aggression doesn’t fit in for me. I don’t feel the urge to chug cans of beers and get into the mosh pit.

There aren’t any really good songs on the album. Sure there are some amazing riffs, but nothing special. As a whole, it’s just not great. The vocals are annoying as they change between death metal growls and punk style vocals often within a song.

I wasn’t sure about this album, as I said. The cover, the title and the rad song titles made me super excited but the music lets me down. Which is sad really as they had potential. I think some bands have to face the truth and realise where they are; in an era when we are just a click away from thousands and thousands of fresh, exciting and new music, being under-average or mediocre is just not enough.

Review by Gabor Csete