Aseethe/Snow Burial Split EP

Rating: 4/5
Label: Hand of Death Records
Released: 29 June 2018
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Aseethe / Snow Burial Split
Aseethe / Snow Burial Split

1. Aseethe-Wrong
2. Snow Burial-Sever the Bloodline


Iowa based Aseethe open up the EP with a sludgy and dark number, ‘Wrong’. Featuring growling vocals over a slow and low riff, with big and simple drums, the song is primal, aggressive and what you’d expect from a band that seems to be a mix of drone and doom with a repeating core and unusual samples.

Towards the end of the track, however, things ramp up almost out of nowhere, creating a more frantic mood. It’s quite an interesting listen and hard to pigeonhole into one specific metal sub-genre.

Snow Burial, from Chicago, offers a hard-hitting mash-up of styles for their track ‘Sever the Bloodline’. Opening with huge levels of aggression and angry vocals that are quite clean compared to a lot of metal bands. The track switches back and forth from the anger to something with a more post-rock sound.

The post-rock vibe is enhanced with an instrumental phase with a couple of soundbites from ex-US Presidents and the metal side is brought back for the outro, with the main riff coming back bigger distorted than before.

It’s a solid EP, but out of the two, I think I prefer the Snow Burial track, but maybe tomorrow I’ll be more in the mood for the Aseethe track. Either way, I’ll be keeping an ear out for both bands as they seem to be willing to explore metal’s many subgenres and are not afraid to break a few rules and do their own things.

Review by Ryan Whitwell