Barkasth – Decaying

Rating: 3/5
Label: Svarga Music
Released: June 2018
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Band Line Up

Arkhonth – guitars, vocals
Goreon – guitars, vocals
Hagalth – bass
Malet – drums

Album Tracklisting

1. Begging By Freaks
2. Alone
3. Blood & Flesh
4. Soul Away
5. Decaying
6. Shepherd
7. …Where Was The Son Of God


Barkasth has been going for around three years now, so far as I can tell, but this is the first release from the Ukrainians. Deliberately secretive, this is a band with a mission:

“The source of inspiration for the band members is a radically negative attitude towards religion, in any of its manifestations, as the main cause of obscurantism and distorted perception of reality – the main indicator for the level of ignorance of a contemporary man. In their debut album … BARKASTH reveals the dark side of idolatry on human life and demonstrates the result of this pernicious influence.”

A noble mission, perhaps, although not one I can see them getting very far with.

Musically we have something ever so slightly out of the ordinary. There are moments of really quite soft singing in between gratuitous, frenetic, traditional black metal. It’s largely in a slightly slower temp, going for a more atmospheric approach. There are some lingering moments of spoken word over delicate bass, reminiscent of a trad goth sound. ‘Soul Away’ would be my choice to look out for with its hypnotic and soulful decrescendo.

I liked it, I really did, but there were parts within it I thought didn’t really go anywhere. The playing is more than sound, with tight, intricate solos. There are variations and the music is suitably depressing, but there was a je ne sais qua missing for me. That said, it’s definitely worth a listen, maybe you’ll get more from it than I.


Review by Bob Davidson