Jungle Rot’s Crushing New Album, Jungle Rot, Out Now; Begin U.S. Tour And NEW Music Video – “Send Forth Oblivion” Premieres

Jungle Rot have unleashed their savage and unrelenting tenth full-length album, Jungle Rot.

After 25+ years of non-stop, brutal and uncompromising METAL, Jungle Rot are at the top of their game and have delivered a modern death metal masterpiece worthy of being THE METAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR! Get Jungle Rot at FYE and your favorite independent record stores or listen now on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and more.

To coincide with the release of Jungle Rot, the band have premiered a new music video for “Send Forth Oblivion” at Kerrang!, Decibel, and the Victory Records YouTube Channel. YOU WANT TO SEE THIS VIDEO. Support HARD music and watch the video and share it with your friend and ENEMIES!

Jungle Rot begin their tour dates with Havok and Extinction A.D. on Monday, July 23rd. Tickets are on sale now.

Read why Jungle Rot is banging heads all over the world:
• “Fast paced riffage and brutal, deliberate stomping” – KERRANG!
• “A perfect representation of the seminal US death metal spirit” – METAL HAMMER
• “Brutal, straight forward death metal” – METAL INJECTION
• “Jungle Rot sees the band double down on their groovy style of death metal” – DECIBEL
• “More thrashy, rhythmic and epic than before” – METAL ITALIA
• “A testosterone fueled soundtrack to a night spent stage diving” – UBER ROCK
• “Keeps the headbanging good times on high” – DEAD RHETORIC
• “A bludgeoning path of sonic carnage” – ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER
• “Vitriolic and pulse-pounding metal” – EXCLAIM
• “Sick, shredding thrash and badass riffs” – EAST COAST ROMPER
• “As tight as they’ve ever been” – HEAVY MUSIC HQ
• “An onslaught of death meets thrash” – TARGET AUDIENCE
• “Jungle Rot has been raising the bar and its time you respected it” – THE METAL CHANNEL
• “THE best death metal album of the year” – PURE GRAIN AUDIO
• “The heaviest record that 2018 has seen” – NEW NOISE
• “Most Anticipated of 2018” – HELLBOUND