Iron Lamb – Blue Haze

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label URL: The Sign Records
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

D Bragman – Vocals
Johan Wallin – Guitar
Daniel Ekeroth – Bass
Thomas Daun – Drums
Jens Bäckelin – Guitar
Andreas Sandberg – Keyboard & Mellotron (track 3)
Martin “Koine” Ehrencrona – Keyboard & piano (track 5), Hammond organ (track 8)


1. Apocalypse Express
2. Bound By Gravity
3. Into the Night
4. The Hunt
5. Erase Rewind
6. (Fallin’ Like) Dominoes
7. The Iron and the Lamb
8. Dead Beat


Iron Lamb hail from Sweden, a land which has produced a whole range of hard rocking bands in recent years (Horisont, Ghost, Graveyard). But where those others are more known for their throwback tendencies, Iron Lamb forge a decidedly more unique path, or at least more eclectic.

Blue Haze doesn’t jump around from genre to genre like Diablo Swing Orchestra or the like. It’s a very consistent sound in the album, but it definitely has a range of influences mingling together, and like a well-mixed meal it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s what.

At the core, we have solid, old-fashioned rock and roll, no nonsense stuff. Within the mix can be heard influences of hard rock, blues, punk rock, and the relentless, almost mechanical drive of the music lends it a kind of industrial air at times. That particular blending of rough ‘n’ ready punk sensibilities with classic hard rock calls to mind bands like Motorhead or Monster Magnet. It has a similar kind of swagger to it.

Alas, what it lacks from those others is memorability. The songs here certainly pack a wallop, with a thick, meaty production and a consistent, thunderous tone. But this comes at a cost of not sticking in the head quite so impressively as others of their ilk. It leaves the impression that the album as a whole is a decent package, but one that will be more rewarding to existing fans of the band rather than something to win them new converts.

Review by:

Kieron Hayes