Like A Storm – Catacombs

Rating: 3.0/5
Distributor/label: Century Media
Released: July 2018
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Band line-up:

CHRIS BROOKS – Lead vocals, guitar, didgeridoo, keys/programming
MATT BROOKS – Vocals, lead guitar, keys/programming
KENT BROOKS – Bass, vocals, keys/programming


1. The Devil Inside
2. Out Of Control
3. Catacombs
4. Complicated (Stitches & Scars)
5. Solitary
6. The Bitterness
7. Until The Day I Die
8. Hole In My Heart
9. Bullet In The Head
10. These Are The Bridges You Burned Down
11. Pure Evil


Have you ever heard of a sub genre called Didge Metal? Neither have I. It has been coined by the band Like a Storm to describe their didgeridoo metal. Yup. Didgeridoo. And do you know what, it works. With the inclusion of the elongated wind pipe, one is obviously expecting a band like that to be from the Southern Hemisphere. Needless to say, this funky quintet come from New Zealand, but their sound is much bigger than the Islands of the North and South and so are their ambitions. Matt Brooks, vocalist and lead guitarist, touches upon this, “We’re not afraid of failure – we moved from New Zealand and started with nothing. We love what we do and we’re prepared to live and die by the music we make.” And what’s the best way to grow? Head over to Vegas, self produce your own album and enlist the mixing skills of Pete Rutcho. “I was listening to the PARKWAY DRIVE song “Crushed” and was like, ‘Damn, who mixed this?’” says Kent (bass & vox). “So Pete sent us a test mix, and totally nailed it. It’s always awesome when someone gets what you do, and enhances it.”

As well as a downright awesome didgeridoo, what can you expect from this album? Well…“A lot of riffs.” says Kent, “We grew up on steady diet of riffage: METALLICA, RAGE, KORN… Not to mention watching our brothers in GOJIRA and ALTER BRIDGE tear it up every night from side of stage.” “We also pushed the drumming,” says Chris. “This is the first LAS record Zach’s played on, and he’s taken the drumming to a whole new level. And variety. Like the last two LAS records, “Catacombs” also spans the full spectrum, from the super heavy to the super melodic. There’s one track, “These Are The Bridges You Burn Down”, which is four relentless minutes of heavy guitars, drums and screaming. And then there’s “Solitary”, with an epic, half-time groove and massive chorus.” I have got to say that there is an excellent variety in this album. I hear the inspirations that are mentioned, but then also a bit of Underoath and Avenged Sevenfold in places. It’s nice to hear a band which have developed their own sound, rather than potentially being the same as we have heard before.

Where would a band be without their fans? Their single, ‘Love the Way You Hate Me’ has over 7.3 millions views on YouTube which is not to be sniffed at. The three brothers along with their drummer and friend Zach have been noted “Most Fan-Friendly Band” for two years in a row. I’m not sure who gave them this title, but a great title to be awarded with nevertheless. In return, LAS gave their fans the opportunity to sing on the new album on the track “Out of Control” for a gang vocal section.

With another year of global touring of festivals and support slots for Godsmack and Shinedown, 2018 is set to be a big year for Like A Storm. Keep your eyes peeled for the lightning and the rumble of the didge thunder.

Review by

Alice Chant