LOVEBITES – Social Hell

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Sabbath City Records (Self Signed)
Released: July 2018
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Band line-up:

Jack Perry
Christian O’Reilly
Marcus Williams
David Robinson


1 Duppy
2 Just Fall
3 Social Hell
4 Tick Along



LOVEBITES are a four piece band from Birmingham UK. Strong believers of DIY, the band self-funded, produced, recorded and released their new EP Social Hell. Formed of ex-members of SHARKS, Foes and Octane OK originally as 3 piece consisting of Christian O’Reilly, Jack Perry and Marcus Williams, they recruited friend David Robinson in late 2017 and began writing the EP.

The band state that they take inspiration from the bands of yester-years such as The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Police to name a few, as well as listing new bands such as Jawbreaker and The Hold Steady. Whilst subtle, you can hear these influences, but LOVEBITES has done well to establish their sound within the four tracks and made themselves a unique, easy listening band.

The EP kick-starts itself instantly with the song Duppy. The song itself is excellent and there are good clean vocals with undeniably better harmonies, a theme that runs throughout. Track 2, Just Fall, is much slower paced than the first song but not so much so that it bores you or puts you off. It eventually builds itself up and slows again, taking you on a rollercoaster-like journey. Track 3, Social Hell shares the same name as the EP itself, and I feel is either joint best with Duppy or just a fraction better. Again there are good clean vocals but there are also really fun guitar solos that are upbeat and therefore uplifting. Track 4, Tick Along, has the slowest start of all the songs and is probably the slowest song of the EP, easing its way to a finish to be proud of.

As a whole, the album flows really well and shows variations of what the band can do, as well as putting a stamp on their own style. If I were to describe what this band reminds me of it would be if the bands Gnarwolves, You Me At Six and Catfish and the Bottlemen all got together and started their own thing. It follows a trend in indie music but not so much so that it isn’t unique on its own. I would recommend it.

Review by

Courtney Solloway