Sons of Alpha Centauri – Continuum

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Label: H42 Records (Worldwide) and Cobraside Records (United States & Canada)
Released: 27 July 2018
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Band line-up

Sons of Alpha Centauri – Continuum

Nick Hannon (bass)
Marlon King (guitars)
Blake (electronics)
Stevie B (drums)


1. Into The Abyss 01:42
2. Jupiter 05:13
3. Solar Storm 04:52
4. Io 04:35
5. Surfacing for Air 01:50
6. Interstellar 06:41
7. Orbiting Jupiter 02:47
8. Return Voyage 10:53


Sons of Alpha Centauri – Continuum
Sons of Alpha Centauri

Over a decade in development, Continuum is driven with a raw infusion of power that only Aaron Harris from ISIS and Palms could deliver from the producing and mixing helm.

It’s an interesting and somewhat unique release. The instrumental band don’t seem to be afraid to experiment a bit, ignoring some of the usual rules of songwriting to make something new.

The album as a whole has the feeling of taking listeners on a journey, with a range of tempos and sound eliciting certain moods, especialy made clear in the 11 minute finale ‘Return Voyage’. It certainly feels the ten year wait has been worth it and the time was spend honing in on their sound to get it just right.

Review by

Ryan Whitwell / Shotison Media