Albionic Hermeticism – Ancient Hermetic Purity

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Signal Rex
Released: 27th July 2018
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Track List

1. Mutilated Hermetic Fragments
2. Consulting the Hermetic
3. Ancient Hermetic Purity
4. The Recoiling Spine of Hermes
5. Along The Spinal Column
6. Wielding Caduceus
7. AA Moete Hermes



Great British Atmospheric Black metal project ‘Albionic Hermeticism’ releases Ancient Hermetic Purity, containing 7 compositions that take you into his mind and inspirations. Focused on the subject of Hermeticism, and strongly influenced by the philosophical works of Italian mystic, hermeticist and traditionalist Evola and French Metaphysician René Guénon.

Opening morsel Mutilated Hermetic Fragments has a menacing guitar, sweeping across the song like a swinging axe. This track flows with brooding black metal atmospherics reminding me of the classic Nordic bands, a great opening slice.

Ancient Hermetic Purity is a great example of AH’s pure black metal. I do like the counter play between vocal screams and the cleaner kinds of yelling, it appears in several songs on the recording and it works; I like the atmosphere of the tracks so far.

Along the Spinal Column is an eerie soundscape, the percussion provides distance and foreboding within the track. It allows you to drift into your imagination, conjuring a vision of ancient landscapes, forests and mountains, and in essence trying to reawaken our connections with nature.

The production is as you would expect: a bit rough around the edges, black metal sounds better when recorded in that way in my opinion, paying respect to the past masters, who did things their way, a very ‘do it yourself’ way.

Mixing traditional atmospheric black metal songs and ambient soundscapes, Albionic Hermeticism have released a traditional album, but in a way, a reminder that we have lost some of our traditions. In this increasingly technological and materialistic age, is a spiritual rediscovery needed? If so, it’s not something you can download from the app store, it never left you! Add another band to your black metal playlist, Albionic Hermeticism has something to reignite in you.


Review by

David William Hatton