Sumer + Deity’s Muse + Voices from the Fuselage + Visionist @ The Black Heart

Review & Photography By David William Hatton
Date: Monday 6th August


Tonight, I am going to see a man about some prog. You may ask where in London can you find prog, especially on a weeknight; the answer is Camden. Should I stand outside the tube station and wait for a man in a baseball cap to ask me if I want some? I tried that and it came as no surprise that they don’t sell prog. Just when I had given up, a strange character in black approaches and gently whispers three words: “the black heart”, pointing his boney finger towards a side street.

Embedded Promotions have put together a four-band bill: Visionist, Voices from the Fuselage, Deity’s Muse and Sumer, enough prog to shake a boney finger at.

VISIONIST hit you with slabs of head-bobbing technical metal. Their songs have heavy breakdowns wherein the guitars are almost scraping the stage floor in the vein of Carnifex, and frontman Scott lurches on the monitors in true metal style. They only play a short set, but a very entertaining one, warming up the few that came early to tonight’s show. I expect Visionist’s favour to grow if they play more shows like this.

VOICES FROM THE FUSELAGE bring you back to the more post-rock side of the lineup. After a lengthy equipment change and the setting up of a few extra lights, the band are ready to play some songs. It’s clear they have a vision for their project, which includes stage mood as well as from their music. It’s maybe a little overly dramatic for a small stage at the Black Heart, but musically they produce a good mix of heavy alternative rock and post-rock. Vocalist Ashe is the standout with his melodic singing style, cutting through the music, and it adds a punch to Voices from the Fuselage’s sound and lifts their songs above the norm of that genre.


Johannesburg alternative rock masters DEITY’S MUSE are in Blighty to play the Bloodstock festival and have graced us with five shows interspersed around the UK. After previously playing the 100 club back in 2013, we welcome them back to London; having missed out on the 2013 show, I have high hopes for tonight’s performance. When you have such anticipation your expectations are high and Deity’s Muse don’t disappoint, easing through their set with style and smoothness. It shows their pedigree as a live act, and songs like I’m the Observer capture their essence perfectly.



Both Sides
I’m the Observer
Walls Down
Ten Years
Keys to Babylon

SUMER have been ever-present on the UK metal scene since 2010. I can say I have seen Sumer maybe 5 or 6 times in as many years, though not as many times as a fella called Simon: he knows who he is, and not many will have seen Sumer more than said gent. Sumer’s set tonight is weighty, the thundering drums of Toby Bonney impact so well in the smaller sized venue, and when Sumer go into overdrive they are sublime, the dual vocals add variation in tone and texture. Sumer always put on a great show, and tonight they even throw in a bonus song, a win-win situation, another sumer show under the belt.


The Animal You Are
Pinch Cut
End of sense


*Bonus song, also they may have played it a song earlier, I was enjoying the gig!



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