Drugzilla Drop Surprise Album

The Doomsday clock strikes two minutes to midnight, The World is a horrible place to live in and The Apocalypse feels like it is on the horizon – the perfect time for a new album by bonkers Irish Extreme Electronics duo DRUGZILLA.

Horrific orchestral synths and terrifying samples merge with relentless hardcore techno and aggressive splitter blasts. Barbaric, insane, savage… WARNING! This is not for the faint-hearted!

Featuring guest appearance’s from the cream of the extreme music underground including Vitriol (ANAAL NATHRAKH), Mories (GNAW THEIR TONGUES), Drunk (ANAAL NATHRAKH / FUKPIG), Zara Scumshot (SKAT INJECTOR), SCHIZOID (D-THARSH) & DIGICORE.
This is the soundtrack to the end of the World. “Laugh? I almost lost my window” is out TODAY, 17th August 2018, via Human Jigsaw!



”Laugh? I almost lost my window” track listing

1. Drug Addicted Fuck
2. Malicious Communications (feat. Zara Scumshot / Skat Injector)
3. Survival Of The Fittest
4. Ratpocalypse
5. Distortion Lies In The Lens Behind Brain
6. Give A Man A Gun And He Will Rob A Bank, Give A Man A Bank And He Will Rob The World
7. 0 FUCKING 8
8. Circle Of Mania
9. Kill Your Way To A Peaceful Solution (Drugzilla remixes Digicore)
10. How Can You Not Like Bullet Belts… It’s A Belt Made From BULLETS
11. Why You Never Became A Dancer (feat. Vitriol / Anaal Nathrakh,
Mories / Gnaw Their Tongues, Drunk / Anaal Nathrakh & Fukpig, Jay Schizoid / D-Trash)
12.Cuntry Folk