Broken Hope + Catalysis + Seed Of Sorrow @ Audio, Glasgow

Sunday, 19th August 2018
Review By Pete Mutant

Broken Hope were back in Glasgow having last played in support of their last album ‘Mutilated And Assimilated’ at the G2 stage. This time they were celebrating 30 years of the band’s existence and they were once again hitting stages across Europe and they were not going to be ready for what hit them tonight though.

We had two semi-but-not-really-local bands opening for broken Hope in Seed of Sorrow from Inverness and Catalysis from Dundee. It was Seed of Sorrow first up but I only caught their last track which sounded fairly decent and I wish that I caught some more.

I did catch the whole of Catalysis’ [2.0/5] set and the band had released their debut EP ‘Into The Unknown’ in December of last year and we were going to get a live rendition of it tonight. In all honesty, I wasn’t impressed. It was fairly simple but was loud as hell. They certainly had their moments like in the track ‘Transcend’ but mainly it was repetitive power chords without much impetus.

The main event was what we were all there for and Broken Hope [4.5/5] wasted no time in brutalising the meagre sized audience in Glasgow’s Audio. They opened their set with ‘Bag Of Parts’ and it was impossible not to headbang. Being at the front, it was a requirement to lose my shit but this was fully voluntary as the band were tearing it up from the get-go. For there is a small crowd of possibly 30 at a push, there was so much energy in this venue and no wonder, we were getting a dose of the ages from this smashingly brutal band.

I’m a big fan of their recent stuff, and their old, but all their releases, except the last two albums, have stood out in this contemporary period against most modern death metal releases and we didn’t need to wait long as the third track ’Womb of Horrors’ from 2013’s ‘Omen Of Disease’ went into ‘Outback Incest Clan’ from their most recent release. It was tight, crushing and oh so vehemently brilliant.

The crowd were putting so much energy into it with multiple stage divers taking their chance when there were enough people there to carry them. When we got to ‘Preacher of Sodomy’, the infamous Pit Troll got the legend himself Jeremy Wagner crowd surfing whilst shredding the seismic riffs away. Jeremy said this had never happened to him whilst playing before. He also snapped a string early on, the first time in five years, so it the night was becoming one for the ages.

Vocalist Damian Leski, who was also putting in a stellar performance, was next in line for the crowd surf and he was eventually led to the bar to stand up and deliver his performance, blocking some punters from their next beer. Even bassist Diego Soria went for a wee flyby tour of the Audio as there was no letting up in the passion from the crowd and the band appeared to be genuinely loving the madness.

Only the deftly fingered Matt Szlachta and the bulldozing drummer Mike Miczek didn’t take the aerial tour. The set was winding up and there was even a small pit towards the end. Broken Hope closed with ‘Incinerated’ and gave their thanks to the crowd. What a band and what a set, it is a crying shame that there weren’t more people to experience but that, in the end, is their loss.

Bag Of Parts
Womb of Horrors
Outback Incest Clan
The Cloning
Blast Frozen
Remember My Members
Preacher of Sodomy
Swamped In Gore
Dead Half
Docking Dead
Meek Shall Inherit Shit
Into The Necrosphere
Mutilated and Assimilated
The Carrion Eaters