Crucible of Hate – Dark Metamorphosis

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Dave Miller – drums
Donny Phillips – guitars
Dan Rivera – vocals, bass
Pete Rensch – guitars


1. The Hell Inside
2. Devouring All
3. Disenthrall
4. Enigma
5. Death By Fucking Annihilation
6. Callous Hand of Justice
7. The Crucible of Hate
8. Transcendence
9. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Nothingness
10. Termination of the Narcissist


Starting late 2015, Crucible of Hate is a new outfit from Ohio (cool name, by the way, guys). This is the band’s debut album, the Kafka-esque ‘Dark Metamorphosis’. Whilst a new band, the members themselves are not so new, having each been members of bands stretching back 20+ years. Counting among their previous projects bands like ‘Skullbomb’ and ‘The Conquering’. They’re a laconic bunch – on their Facebook ‘About’ section, they have the succinct three words “We play metal”.

Play metal they most certainly do. They list Carcass and Gojira as amongst their influences, which I think are fair enough (although not quite as heavy as Gojira). There’s a definite groove to their music. It starts off fairly simply, and a bit three-chord-rocky, on songs like ‘Devouring’, although they are great to bop along to.

What I really enjoy is how the album develops; each track seems to grow in complexity as you go through. By the time you get to ‘Callous Hand of Justice, there are some really intricate rhythms and counterpoint playing starting to come through. ‘Transcendence’ is probably my favourite track on the album, it’s superb and almost makes the rest of the album sound like it was just warming up, foreplay even.

There’s a lot here for metalheads of various persuasions. It’s tight, well-conceived, authentic and always maintains that groove that I mentioned before. As a personal preference, I’m not always convinced that the more melodic singing quite works, but this is a matter of taste rather than a criticism. Put this on at the next party you have – I guarantee it will be well received by pretty much everyone.

Review by Bob Davidson