Komrads – Resistor

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label [URL] Self Released
Released: 2018
Buy Album [URL] https://komrads.bandcamp.com/album/resistor
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/komradsofficial/

Band line-up:

Zachary James Burnett – Synth, Programming, Vocals
Jesse Hellsteed – Bass guitar, Vocals

  1. Resistor
  2. Midnight Sun
  3. Control
  4. Prom Dress
  5. Petra
  6. Sick Boy
  7. Pocket Full Of Knife
  8. Lay Me Down

All the way from Rochester, New York comes Komrads, a Darkwave, Synthpop group who have released their second full-length album: Resistor.

In their press release, it said they were the band to check out if you like classic Darkwave like Gary Numan, Bauhaus, Peter Murphy or anything that breaches the gap between the ranks of Electro and the echelons of Gothic Rock or EBM, and that would be a very true statement for it has echoes of the classic 80’s sound all over it; something for the old school kids, but for someone who was looking for electronic music a little heavier, I was a little disappointed and came away calling it: average.

To start off with, I was reminded of Combichrist and Grendel with the opening track: ‘Resistor’ but then it becomes quieter and slow with ‘Midnight Sun’. Track 2 is an odd place to put a ballad I must say.

The opening was hefty and had elements of industrial to its sound but slowly and eventually the whole album became more and more diluted and calmer. Again, I am not saying this album is dreadful, it just didn’t wet my palate as much. The synths and bass are a good blend giving off a melancholy that’s married well to the finely crooning vocals that sail above the sea of sound. But for the kids who enjoy electronica with a dark and sorrowful edge, you’ll enjoy ‘Prom Queen’ for its exploration of heartache and angst, and ‘Pocket Full of Knife’ which had me picturing nights of the streets where the band members might have witnessed incidents of gang violence etc.

Overall, we have a Darkwave release that is laced with old-school vibes and will keep you warm and happy in moments of despair.
Check out Komrads if you’re in need of a friend or accomplice.

Review by Demitri Levantis