S.K.o.R – Rubus Tellus

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/Label: GMR Music
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://www.gmrmusic.se/product-page/s-k-o-r-rubus-tellus
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/SomeKindofRubus/

Band lineup:

Emil Gammeltoft, lead vocals
Lorenzo Fugazza, lead guitars
Anders Thorgren, bass
Mats ”Mally” Hoxell, drums

  1. Rubus Tellus
  2. Bubbleman
  3. Rhythm ‘N Blues
  4. Kamikaze
  5. Hell To Pay
  6. Mystify
  7. Seagull
  8. Cuckold And The Hot Wife
  9. Blue Collar Girl
  10. Sparkling Shining Star
  11. Karate Girl
  12. Hippo
  13. Mama’s Place
  14. Armageddon

S.K.o.R (Some Kind of Rubus) are Sweden’s answer to a question nobody really wanted the answer to. Something like: “dude, bruh, does the world need more cheesy hard but commercial pop-rock?” The reason nobody wants the answer is because we know the answer and the answer is no, but you’re going to be getting some more anyways. I mean, you know what you’re gonna get. The arrangements may be different, the lyrics may also be arranged differently but the end product is generally going to be something familiar and slightly irritating.

Some of the tracks like ‘Cuckold And The Hotwife’ as well as the next track ‘Blue Collar Girl’ sound like a porno score written by Sum 41. I know it’s all tongue in cheek but for me it’s more like poking your tongue through your cheek, leaving a gaping hole to drool through listlessly. It’s like listening to Avatar without a concept or much stand out imagination, although you can hear that they have some musical talent.

There are some okay riffs in songs like ‘Rhythm ‘n Blues’ which works quite well as a homage to sleaze ridden hard rock. There’s some nice leadwork too and the songs are constructed well enough, it’s just a bit lacklustre overall. They can pull something different out the bag though especially with the catchy acoustic dirge of ‘Hell To Pay’. Also, ‘Mystify’ is another positive track worth mentioning and has some nice guitar parts throughout. One main, nagging, issue is that I’m not too convinced by Emil Gammeltoft’s vocals as they sound a bit forced and without much depth or longevity. Just one final nail in this coffin, unfortunately.

I’m sure you can tell that I’m not a fan of S.K.o.R and what they have produced in ‘Rubus Tellus’. Not my thing obviously but even objectively there’s a lot of things going wrong here. After several listens I can say it hasn’t grown on me but one of its successes is that I think some of it may stay with me for a while. The issue is it’s catchy but for the wrong reasons. Alas this is the strangling force of commercial pop-rock and I doubt that it’s going to stop anytime soon. Not even after everything goes black. Ah hell…

Review By Pete Mutant