Tamirel – You And The World

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Independent
Released: 2018
Buy Album [URL]: https://tamirel.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/tamirelmusic/

Band line-up:

Gery Riba – vocals, guitars
Botond Kovacs – guitars
Brunó Brunner – bass
David Page – drums
Fruzsi Riba / Berni Balogh – backing vocals


1. The Dark Side Of The Mood
2. Somedays
3. Her Last Words
4. All Seasons In The Sky
5. Hesitant Soul
6. On The Island Of Memories
7. Woodlands
8. Here When Now
9. Learnings
10. Rapid Eye Movements


Tamirel is an art-/psychedelic-/blues-rock band from Hungary, founded by Gery Riba in 2010, when they started off with their first song “Somedays.” It took a few more years to start to gel together and in 2012, Gery Riba met Adam Puskás in The United States. They then wrote a new song, “Learnings,” on a nearly useless acoustic guitar. In 2014, Levi Horváth on classical guitar, joined the formation and rounded up the team into a trio. After one year of silence, Tamirel returned with a brand new line-up in 2016, and they focused more on the live sets beside writing new material. At the end of two long years of studio sessions and recordings, and after releasing the acoustic album In Acoustic Session from the Rose Hill Studios, they have released their new album.

I found that the playing was exceptional, really well done and with a lot of talent, the vocals were alright, over the top at times, but not too bad. If you are searching for something that reminds you of Pink Floyd, the Doors, and generic prog rock, then this is for you. The album also had a touch of the Mission mixed in, but nothing really worked for me. The whole album just seemed like an interesting effort, but just not executed well. I mean, with the opener called “The Dark Side Of The Mood,” go figure what you are in store for. The band just seems to be doing too much that sounds like other bands and not enough of themselves comes out in the sound or in the emotion. They also used a ton of studio musicians on this album and while they are adding a lot of interesting sounds and effects, the whole thing just falls flat.

If you want something in the background or something that is good, but not overly original, then this is for you. I really hope that in the future, they can spread their wings a bit more and give the listener a little more of themselves.

Review by Rick Ecker