Cinzas – Demo I

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Purodium Rekords
Released: 2018
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First of all, Cinzas’s Demo I came out in 2015 originally so this is a reissue, limited only to 66 copies on cassettes.

In the bio it says: “Deep in this cave has been Mortiferus whom in total isolation and away from the mundane world forged his nature to the primevil genesis source of all wisdom. Achieving this wholeness through minimalism the lefthand of this wandering and ancient soul speaks out its music remembering the only thing that truly matters. Black Metal was meant to be raw, cold and dark as the longest winter nights.”
And these words are 100% true. Cinzas is a one-man band (from Portugal – a country not really known for it’s black metal). The effort is minimalist, raw, cold and dark… Black metal. Early ’90s style. The only difference is that back then people had that sound because that’s what they could afford, while Mortiferus wanted his album to sound how it sounds.

Within these five tracks one can hear raw black metal from fast (in this case the drums sound a bit shit) to slow, with amazing vocals; often not the typical true shrieking black metal vocals, but ones that add some extra atmosphere to this album, somehow making it deeper.

This demo is a good album but there is nothing new or amazing about it. People who love the genre will enjoy it; it’s even worth having it in a fan’s collection. But I wouldn’t show it to someone who just started to make acquaintances with the genre as ‘the black metal album’. You’re not going to miss out on anything if you don’t listen to it.

Review by Gabor Csete