Forma – Semblance

Rating: 1/5
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Mark Dwinell
George Bennett
John Bennett


1. Crossings 6:31
2. Ostinato 5:45
3. Three-Two 8:14
4. Rebreather 2:54
5. Cut-Up 4:03
6. New City 9:39
7. Ascent 1:54


This, I’m afraid was really not for me. Each song seemed to be very monotonous and didn’t really change at any point if at all. The fact some of the songs were more the five minutes long and featured the same material was beyond confusing to me also.

I hoped that when some of the songs began to build that they would have some kind of heavy drum and bass or trance type vibe to bring something more out of them. However, whilst this isn’t for me in any way that isn’t to say it won’t be good for someone else. This album is very experimental and definitely pushes the limits of what the band feel electronic music can sound like. Each song is compact and seems to have gone back to the basics of synth and analogue instruments. For me, it sounds as if it is background music in an old arcade game, a preset song on an old mobile or simply background noise.

Overall I believe that this band comes from an underground music network that I have yet to understand. Yet again whilst this isn’t for me I urge everyone to at least listen to one of the songs and see if you like the music for yourself.

Review by Courtney Solloway