No Gods – Paradise

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: self-released
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Vinnie Torelli – Drums
Richie Brown – Lead Guitar
Joey Torelli – Rhythm Guitar
Zack Kutos – Deep Rhythm Guitar


01. Thawed
02. Beloved
03. By Knife
04. Baptism
05. Through Pain
06. Galit
07. Voices
08. Loveless


Paradise is the second EP of the Pennsylvanian quartet No Gods.
The guys name only one influence on their Facebook page and it’s the band that has influenced many since the ’80s: Slayer. And through the eight tracks of Paradise this is very obvious. One can hear the influence in production, vocals (Tom Araya would be amazed by it too), riffs etc… It may sound good for the first spin (it does!) but the second or third time it starts to be a bit annoying, as they’re not Slayer.

The logo of the band is way too simple; it reminds me more of a progressive rock band’s logo rather than a death/thrash band. The cover of Paradise is simple too but it’s effective. There is something threatening in it. I am not sure what, maybe it’s the sarcasm of the theme.

The songs are pretty short (the titles are short too – maximum two words); none of them are longer than four minutes. However all of them are packed with energy and there is something sinister in them – another thing that No Gods learned well from albums like Reign In Blood.

As I mentioned before, the whole effort is Slayer-y and this is also true for the production. Anyhow, sometimes the guitars sound a bit dull. Everthing else is good, but as I said, after a while it’s a bit annoying.

No Gods might be a small name in Europe, but in the States they’ve toured with bands like DRI, Lich King, Warbringer and Havok. Hopefully one will bring them over to this side of the pond. It would be so much fun to mosh whilst these guys are on the stage…

Review by Gabor Csete