Annihilism – Ultimate Void

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/Label: Born in Gloom
Released: 28.04.2018
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Band line-up:

Solo project


01. Shunyata
02. Silence Unmasked
03. Escapathy
04. Lucid Entity
05. Genethic Law
06. Conscious Microverse
07. Determined
08. Brittle Bliss
09. Walk Through the Mirror
10. Amor Fati
11. Soul Hunger
12. Deficient Beings



Annihilism is a solo studio project formed in Germany, January 2016. After making a conscious choice to be more productive and follow less destructive habits, Annihilism was spawned. After many hard-fought battles within, we have his debut recording Ultimate Void, 12 tracks of blackened death metal. The album would interest fans of Death, Behemoth & Morbid Angel to name but a few. Shunyata, the album’s opener, delivers what you are expecting, a mixture of slow chugging morbid style riffs and Deicide-esque blast beats. After a few listens it’s realised this is a very accomplished album, considering it’s a solo composition.

There is no shortage of blast beats on the recording, so you are getting death metal at its faster side with a blending of a blackened guitar tone buzzing over the brutal drumming. The vocal style seems rooted in death metal tradition, with guttural grunts aplenty. There have been several good solo albums I have listened to in this genre. This is one of the best I’ve heard when you consider the time and effort it takes to write, record and release an album as a band; never mind as a solo artist. You get 12 composed and well versed blackened death metal songs to blast at your neighbour’s daughter when she is wabbling along to Mariah Carey. Very impressive stuff.

Try to grasp the void, go to Annihilism’s Bandcamp and give it a listen.

Reviewed By David William Hatton