Diabolic Force – Praise of Satan

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: www.hellsheadbangers.com
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://diabolic-force.bandcamp.com/album/praise-of-satan
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Diabolic-Force-904653226214486/

Line up

Whipstriker – Bass and Vocals Poisonhell – Guitars
Hogo Golon – Drums

Track list

01. Satan’s Power
02. Doom Child
03. Cross in Fire
04. Blasphemic Sound
05. Volcanic Mutilation
06. Whorehouse Queen
07. Black Light Damnation
08. Rotting Lips
09. The Circle



Rio De Janeiro’s Diabolic Force have released a new album and the digital version is priced to burn you in Hell, but not leave a hole in your pocket at $6.66.

Firstly Diabolic Force are clearly influenced by Venom and Celtic Frost, there is no escaping the comparison so let’s get it out the way. After an intro of satanic prayer has cleared your mind, 8 tracks of blasphemous black metal follow, there is nothing cryptic about the diabolic forces lyrical approach. Album opener Satan’s power, illustrates this perfectly; Satan is alive on this recording and maybe even drops in to play a lead here and there, in a Sammi Curr trick or treat style. Cross in fire is a classic slower doom track, Whipstriker’s vocals on this are summoned from the depths of hell, echoed and tortured.

Satanic metal as a 45 year old is slightly humouristic, but saying that it’s the music that connects me to the genre, not the imagery. The album as a whole is a fun listen, reminding me of my early days listening to 80s dark metal. As ode’s to Satan go, this is a fitting collection of blasphemous and scornful songs, keeping the memory of the early greats of the genre alive; a great sounding record full of devilish manifestations and diabolical praise.

Remember kids, Satan is not just for halloween.


Review By David William Hatton