I’ll Be Damned – Road To Disorder

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: https://www.drakkar.de / http://www.soulfood-music.de/en/home.html
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://lnk.to/RoadToDisorder
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/illbedamnedrock

Band Lineup:

Stig Gamborg – Vocals
Mathias Smidt – Drums
Kristian Sloth – Guitars
Boris Tandrup – Guitars
Jens Lunde – Bass 

I'll be damned - Road To Disorder

01. Stephen Hawking Talking
02.The Entire Universe
03. You Are The Young
04. Pigburner (Feat. Baest)
05. Luck Could Change
06. Flag Follows The Money
07. Keep Warm Burn The Rich
08. Just Ain’t Right
09. A Hanging Job
10. Arrow Of Time (Road To Disorder)


Danish rockers, I’ll Be Damned, return to face their second album head on.

Featuring a vast array of genres from stoner rock, to metal, to punk, to rock and roll, Road to Disorder is a hard album to pin down and catagorise. Each track is its own unique take on a different genre and it feels more like a collection of separate songs rather than one album.

I'll be damned - Road To Disorder

Because of the constant swapping and jumping from genres without an organic flow, the album can be a bit jarring at times. For example, I love the track Pig Burner, it’s a heavier doom-laden track with some sludge vibes. However, it comes between a track more akin to The Hives, with an upbeat cruising feel, and a steady southern style rock track. I feel the album needed a bit more consistency, maybe having one key sound with the out of place tracks at the end as ‘bonus tracks’.

It’s a good album, and a fun listen. I imagine it will go down well on various streaming sites as listeners can pick and choose the songs that match their preferred genres. It’s like a smorgasbord of rock, with lots of influences, but hard to pick out the band’s own sound at times.

Review by Ryan Whitwell