Prezir – As Rats Devour Lions

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Godz Ov War Productions
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Luka Djordjevic – Vocals
Tyler Okrzesik – Guitars
Rory Heikkila – Guitars
Jerry Hauppa – Bass
Brian Serzynski – Drums


01. As Rats Devour Lions 05:46
02. Ideologue Alchemy 04:53
03. Janicari 04:46
04. Dar Al-Harb 04:37
05. Serpents in the House of Ra 04:26
06. Hamatsa Death Ritual 04:49
07. Plagiarized Infamy 05:36
08. Oedipus Context 05:30


As Rats Devour Lions is the first full length album of Milwaukee-based Prezir. Prezir means ‘contempt’ in Serbian and vocalist Luka Djordjevic has a Serbian name, plus in the band’s logo you can see a two-headed white eagle with the Sebian cross: part of the Serbian coat of arms. The logo looks great; hopefully there’s no nationlist ideology behind it.

The guys wrote in their bio that they are against modern metal. That’s why they play nothing new, only old school: black, thrash, death… Their influences are Slayer, Destroyer 666, Emperor, Morbid Angel and Immolation, just to name a few. With these in mind I was excited to listen to As Rats Devour Lions.

Prezir’s logo look metal enough and the cover art is simple but effective. This is what I need.

As soon as I pressed play I felt happiness. The album opens with a fast, old school riff. I automatically started to tap my feet and bang my head and I did until the end of the record. No slow songs on this effort. Just neck-crashing speed with a few breakdowns – I actually wanted to crush other things: skulls, etc… The riffs are good, the drums are amazing, as are the variety of vocals. The production is excellent. I know these guys hate modern, but thanks to modern technology the sound is great. Especially the drums…

When I read about a band’s influences I am always a bit afraid. Mentioning bands like Slayer or Emperor always sets the bar high. Really high. I can hear all the influences on As Rats Devour Lions, however Prezir is not there yet (obviously: none can be as great as the mighty Slayer – come on!) Still though, this is a really good effort especially for a first full-length. If this American quintet walks further down this path they will be well known. Prezir is worth being kept on our radars.


Review by Gabor Csete