The Five Hundred – Bleed Red

Rating: 4.5/5
Released: August 2018
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The Five Hundred - Bleed Red
The Five Hundred – Bleed Red
Band line-up:

John Eley – Vocals
Mark Byrne – Guitars
Paul Doughty – Guitars
Andy Crawford – Bass
Kelsey James – Drums


1. Bleed Red
2. Smoke & Mirrors
3. Buried
4. Oblivion
5. The Noose
6. Reclusive
7. Seduced by Shadows
8. The Narcissist
9. I Am the Undead
10. Circles


This music is most definitely not slow in starting itself off. With immediate guttural screaming and fast riffs, the album kicks off before going into its first main verse and chorus which are accompanied with amazing vocals and insane drum rolls. The Five Hundred capture their audience without delay.

The band, based in Nottingham but originally from Gibraltar have already made an impressive mark on me. It’s rare to see bands coming from Gibraltar let alone metal ones. The Five Hundred are already a force to be reckoned with. Each song speaks of trials, tribulations and adversities, to which the respective members relate to in different ways. They haven’t been shy in discussing their struggles, which I think is quite admirable as they have come so far from what each of them used to be and they have proved not only to themselves but to others how much they can succeed.

Now going back to the first track. It is a total headbanger. A theme that thankfully continues throughout the album. Followed by tracks with insane guitar riffs, clean as well as screamo vocals, immense breakdowns and chaotic drumming this album is definitely one of the best coming from new artists I have listened to.

Notable tracks to me are The Noose, Seduced by Shadows, The Narcissist and Circle. All for different reasons from the other. The Noose starts off really heavy with excellent vocals but it’s the lyrics of this song that kept me enticed. Seduced by Shadows and The Narcissist start much softer than the other songs and it’s a welcomed change of pace to break the album up.

In my opinion, by far the best track on the album is Circle. Circle is the softest of all the songs. It sounds as if it was written with the most personal experience behind it lyrically. The vocals are perfect, the guitar solos are amazing, and small breakdowns give it its edge.

If I were to describe who The Five Hundred is reminiscent of I would say they have a good mix of early Bullet For My Valentine, A Day To Remember, Meshuggah and other metal bands within those ballparks. They are a good mix and have something in there for everyone. I expect to be seeing big things from this band in the upcoming future and I’m excited to hear their future albums.


Review by Courtney Solloway

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