Urne – The Mountain of Gold

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Self-released
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://urne1.bandcamp.com/album/the-mountain-of-gold
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/urneband/

Band line-up:

Joe Nally – Vocals / Bass
Angus Neyra – Guitar
Rich Wiltshire – Drums


1. Dust Atlas
2. The Lady And The Devil
3. Mountain Of Gold
4. The March Towards The Sun (featuring Josh Middleton)


Urne are a horror film themed metal trio from London and they have been making waves throughout what has been a fantastic Summer for them. ‘The Lady & The Devil’, their second single from their debut EP ‘The Mountain of Gold’ has made quite an impact. It is a little more progressive than their previous single ‘Dust Atlas’, but it’s still metal at its core. Urne have had praise and support all across the UK from Metal Hammer, Kerrang and the BBC Radio One Rock Show, to name a few.

As successful as these people may be, their guitar parts really sound like Metallica in their thrash metal phases, for too much of the time. The machine gun riffs heavily based on root notes, the pounding power chords that are sometimes alien to the key and the slow groove metal tempos mixed with high speed blitzes are mimicked to a very large degree. Of course there is nothing wrong with the traits just mentioned individually, but they when they are all combined with that familiar ‘Tallica production and guitar tone, it gets a bit much.

Having said that, guitars are very frequently in a more black metal style with distorted, dissonant chord progressions that are arpeggiated (think Burzum). However, no matter what their type, the riffs have slight tendencies to go on for too long without lyrics. In consequence when they do enter, the listener has likely already lost interest that may not come back. The vocals curiously switch between screams and well pulled off clean eeriness, and they have some interesting, haunting melodies. They go with the instruments quite nicely, but again the strong Metallica sound is too overpoweringly cliched.

To sum up, if you really like thrash metal and you want to hear as much of it as possible, this album is probably for you. It also has guitar fills and riffs every now and then that are somewhat reminiscent of Megadeth in their ‘Rust in Peace’ era. The music is sometimes almost as if it’s from a parallel universe where Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield don’t hate each other so much and are still in the same band. However, those ‘Deth traits don’t really save the group either.

Review by Simon Wiedemann