DEAD CAN DANCE – Listen to track ‘The Mountain’ from new album ‘Dionysus’ + Gig Dates!

DEAD CAN DANCE – ACT II : THE MOUNTAIN from new album ‘DIONYSUS’ out 2nd November 2018 via ([PIAS] Recordings] + European Tour May & June 2019. A Celebration of Life & Works 1980 – 2019

Having previously announced details of their new album, ‘Dionysus’, Australian duo Dead Can Dance have today shared new recording ‘Act II : The Mountain’.

The track can be heard here:  

The follow-up to 2012’s ‘Anastasis’ and taking its lead from the myth of Dionysus, the new album consists of two acts across seven movements that represent the various facets of the legend.

Conveyed via an array of folk instrumentation, field recordings and chants, its inspiration is drawn from across the world, the group continue to harvest an intriguing trajectory in both creative and spiritual terms.

‘The Mountain’ is the first recording made available from ‘Dionysus’ and the first movement of its second act, where, explains Brendan Perry,

“The listener will find themselves visiting Mount Nysa. This mountain was Dionysus’ place of birth, where he was raised by the centaur Chiron, from whom he learned chants and dances together with Bacchic rites and initiations.”

Driven by Perry’s exploration of religious rites and rituals, ‘Dionysus’ nevertheless sees ally-in-arms Lisa Gerrard convey the feminine aspect of Dionysus’s dual nature through song in both solo and mantric choral forms and ultimately to play the role of Psychopomp, signifying Dionysus’s role as an agrarian deity returning to winter’s underworld to reassume the role of guide to dead souls.


ACT I : Sea Borne – Liberator of Minds – Dance of the Bacchantes
ACT II : The Mountain – The Invocation – The Forest – Psychopomp

‘Act II : The Mountain’ can also be heard via Pitchfork:

Dead Can Dance will embark on an extensive European tour throughout May and June 2019,
celebrating their life and works from 1980 to the present day.

Confirmed dates are:

May 02: Le Liberte, Rennes, France
May 04 / 05: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK
May 07 / 08: Cirque Royale, Brussels, Belgium
May 10 / 11: Grand Rex, Paris, France
May 13 / 14: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
May 16 / 17: Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany
May 20 / 21: Barts, Barcelona, Spain
May 23 / 24: Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal
May 26 / 27: Teatro Degli Arcimboldi, Milan, Italy
June 16: Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
June 18 / 19: Ruhrcongress, Bochum, Germany
June 21 / 22: Torwar Hall, Warsaw, Poland
June 24: Kongresove Centrum Praha, Prague, Czech Republic
June 26: Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena, Budapest, Hungary
June 28: Sava Centar, Belgrade, Serbia
June 30: Roman Theatre Of Philippopolis, Plovdiv, Bulgaria