DESERTFEST BERLIN 2019 will take place between May 3th – 5th 2019 at the ARENA BERLIN – WITCH, ALL THEM WITCHES, COLOUR HAZE, EARTHLESS, HÄLLAS & 24/7 DIVA HEAVEN added to the first round of acts!

Desert rockers, it’s finally time to unveil the first bands for 2019, and WHAT a first start of acts this is!

DESERTFEST BERLIN is proud to welcome the legendary J Mascis, who will crash the ARENA BERLIN with his band mates in stoner metal icons WITCH! – Formed in 2005 by Dinosaur Jr. guitarist and distinctive pioneer of rock music, J Mascis, who in WITCH  goes back to his roots and takes over the drums. The band’s eponymous self-titled debut was released in 2006, followed by the highly acclaimed ‘Paralyzed’ album back in 2008.  DESERTFEST BERLIN could not be prouder to welcome this unique cult band to our 2019-edition!

Rumours have been going on for a while, and yes… they have become true: ALL THEM WITCHES will be playing DESERTFEST BERLIN 2019! This rare gig by the legendary Nashville rockers will truly be one of THE live highlights in the history of DESERTFEST BERLIN. With their heavy blues and psychedelic desert rock, ALL THEM WITCHES will light up the ARENA. Don’t miss one of their only shows in Europe at DESERTFEST BERLIN 2019!

Please welcome psychedelic rockers EARTHLESS to the 8th edition of DESERTFEST BERLIN! With their extensive jams, the Californian multi-instrumentalists will turn the ARENA into a psychedelic wonderland. Join them for a long ride on their unique classic rock and jazzy Krautrock trips!

COLOUR HAZE will celebrate their 25th band anniversary live at DESERTFEST BERLIN! They belong to the oldest psychedelic institution and became the flagship of the German heavy stoner scene. We are stoked to welcome them to our 2019 line-up. With an additional keyboarder live at DESERTFEST BERLIN, COLOUR HAZE will take us on a magic sound landscape drown in the haze and true rock spirit. Let’s celebrate 25 years of the legendary COLOUR HAZE together with the band, live at DESERTFEST BERLIN 2019!

To close this first round of already stunning bands, we have added Swedish hard rockers HÄLLAS to our 2019-bill! Describing themselves as Adventure Rock, we cannot wait to join them on a live adventure that none of us will forget.

And last of all but by no means least, 24/7 DIVA HEAVEN will bring their pure blend of Hard Rock, Grunge and Punk Rock and Riot Grrrl to our stage in 2019. With a delicate and true LO-FI sound, inspired by bands such as L7, Bikini Kill, The Melvins, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth – Be prepared!

DESERTFEST BERLIN 2019 will take place between May 3th – 5th 2019 at the ARENA BERLIN.

In 2018, Desert-heads from over 40 different countries came to witness the premiere at the Arena in the heart of Berlin, rocked out and celebrated the almighty riffs of the Stoner, Doom & Psychedelic Rock. In the last weeks the DESERTFEST BERLIN crew put their heads together to discuss and improve the 2019 edition. As the festival organizers just recently commented:

“We listened to the critics, cause we love you and we worked on all topics: Besides a totally new banging sound concept and much simplified paying methods (token anyone?), we will come along with more space for you to hang and chill. And that is just the beginning of a whole candy jar of more sweet and trippy extras! So now that we took the Desertfest to the water and we saw how much you enjoyed our boat ride… remember that white ship, the “Hoppetosse” docking on the outside area ? For DF 2019 we inked a deal with the owner and are now able to use the “Hoppetosse” as an additional chill-zone as well as a rock and party stage. We will have bands playing there during the day, but also we will also host the after-show parties on board (find pictures below). Hope you like this great news. More news are to come in the next days , so stay tuned!“

A new sound-and payment-system on the ground, more space AND a chillout- and live zone on a boat, with this already stunning line-up DESERTFEST BERLIN 2019 will mark the best edition you have ever been to! Check out a first and very promising teaser right HERE!

Start your trip to the heart of the capitol of the almighty riffs, we cannot wait to see you all at the ARENA BERLIN 2019!

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