Rating: 4.5/5
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Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Dave Grunewald – Shouts
Christoph Wieczorek – Clean Vocals/Guitar
Philipp Kretzschmar – Guitar
Norbert Kayo – Bass
Nico Vaeen – Drums


Coma Blue
Good Stories
Fully Automatic
Sea Of Trees
Innocence Was Here
End Of The World
Private Paradise
One Second
Locked Out, Locked In


ANNISOKAY is a five-piece band hailing from Germany founded in 2007 by Christoph and Norbert. ANNISOKAY have already released three full-length albums, plus a 4-track cover EP of Michael Jackson’s classics.

This is a whirlwind of an album, in the best way possible of course. It’s been a while since I’ve come across a metalcore album that I really liked and ANNISOKAY seems to have filled that void I was missing.

The album starts so suddenly it’s almost like a punch to the face. The immediacy is astounding and it grips you instantly. Coma blue – the first track on the album – might well be my favourite song on it actually. It was heavy, had a great breakdown, haunting harmonies, and perfect clean vocals alternating with screams. The synths in the song didn’t take away from any of the other instruments, they just added that little something extra to make ANNISOKAY’s sound stand out from others.

Fully Automatic whilst starting a little quieter than others has an excellent riff that gets your foot tapping along easily. This remains throughout the song but I also really enjoyed the outro of this song, short and sweet as it was. The picking of the guitar left a haunting effect which matched that of the lyrics in the song. Humanophobia follows the same structure as Fully Automatic. A quieter start – though this one was synth-based rather than riff based – before it pounds into the song. Humanophobia is definitely the heaviest song on the album and I’m totally ok with this. The screaming is more present than the clean vocals in this song when they are usually equally split I would say. However, the clean vocals break up the song at the appropriate times, meaning nothing is too overwhelming. I actually really enjoy Christoph’s style of singing and I feel that on the other tracks it is what most people will enjoy from the band if not their heavy style.

Innocence Was Here is the most different on the album starting with intricate piano playing which is beautiful. The clean vocals give the song a feeling of sadness, then the screaming starts followed by clean singing joining together for the chorus. They intertwine a lot for this song and to me, it feels as though this song has the most emotion put into it. I don’t know if it is something personal for a band member or something they feel passionately about but the song itself is full of raw emotion and makes for a hauntingly beautiful listen.

Private Paradise stands out as it starts almost like a late 90s rap song although the vocals aren’t necessarily rapping. There is still a lot of screaming with the clean vocals but it isn’t until the breakdown there is true rapping. Very different from the rest of the album. I’m not particularly crazy about this song but I’m not mad at it either. If anything it shows how diverse and talented the band really is.

All in all, ANNISOKAY is, in fact, a really good band that I can get behind and happily hear more from. From emotionally raw songs to rap to the heaviest screamo metalcore has to offer there is something for most everyone to listen to.

Review by Courtney Solloway