Bonehunter – Children Of The Atom

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Hell’s Headbangers
Released: 2018
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Band lineup:

S.S. Penetrator – Drums
Satanarchist – Bass/Vocals
Witchrider – Guitars


1. Initiate the Sequence
2. Demonic Nuclear Armament
3. Sex Messiah Androi
4. Children of the Atom
5. The Reek of Reaper’s Scythe
6. Black Star Carcass
7. Spider’s Grave
8. Cybernetic Vampirism
9. Man of Steel (Spiritus Mortis cover)
10. Devil Signal Burst


The Finnish trio of black thrash metal punks have returned from their journey into the aeons and brought back with them an arsenal of advanced weaponry, a hyper-inflated knowledge of the quantum and apparently some insights into a robotic sex cult. Their venture into hyperspace has been fruitful. Now back with their third full length album, Bonehunter are ready to once again shift the boundaries and force feed the world some metal.

There’s ten tracks all in all with one being a cover of Spiritus Mortis’ ‘Man Of Steel’ which blends in very well with the form and structure of the album. The band have, after all, been highly productive since their inception so the odd cover should be warranted, especially when it works so well. The rest of the material spurns further on from their early beginnings, bringing the speed and ferocity to even greater levels than previously. Their last album ’Sexual Panic Human Machine’ was pretty damn punky but ‘Children Of The Atom’ distances itself and goes for more blackened edges of their repertoire.

Songs like the title track and ‘Black Star Carcass’ are excellently crafted, bringing some chaos born from the extreme north into the darkest regions of space, and have some high quality riffs crammed in. It is what Bonehunter are experts at. And of course, the explicit sexual references are never too far away although they almost went to a bit of trouble to hide the bone in the cover of this album. Just fear the reaper is all I’m saying. The rest of that cover is just exceptional though. I mean, a nebulae shaped like some sort of Manbearwolf (not to be confused with Manbearpig) just looks amazing.

Bonehunter have done it again and this may be their finest release. We didn’t have to wait too long either so who knows what’s next in store for this band. They are banging out material at a superb rate and if they can keep this up then we are all in for something just wonderful. The music is fast, obscene and as heavy as you could ask for and all three members are brilliant at what they do so hats off to Satanarchist, SS Penetrator and Witchrider, you are the Mötorhead of the black plains of the universe, the dark energy that binds and excites and the masters of what they do. Marvellous.
Review By Pete Mutant