Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label URL: Osmose Productions
Released: 2018
Buy Album: http://www.osmoseproductions.com/item/2/94903-98000168-1101-1-0/119178414/empty-vacio.html
Band Website:  http://www.facebook.com/Emptydespair


Drizzt – Voices & Bass
Orgall – Guitar
Vanth– Lead & Acoustic Guitar
Naemoth – Drums (session)



1. The Yellow Rain
2. Empty
3. The Rope at the Mill
4. We All Taste the Same for the Worms
5. The Night Remains for Who Is
6. The Pilgrim of Desolation
7. Filandom Under the Sign of Misfortune
8. Deathlorn


As someone who thoroughly enjoys bleak, depressive and nihilistic black metal, this brilliant composition of despair captivated me and dragged me into the abyss. Empty formed in 1995, originates from Spain and is releasing their 5th full length album, Vacio, which translates to Empty. This album takes inspiration from the book La Lluvia Amarilla (‘The Yellow Rain’), by Julio Llamazares. It is unforgivably pessimistic and may be too brutally real for some. Their focus is different than many black metal bands. It immerses one in a miserable existence longing for death rather than the usual anti-religious and occult themes found in most black metal.

The opening track, ‘The Yellow Rain’ is a stark instrumental track full of gloomy and shrill synths with spoken word. Though it really does not fully prepare you for what is to come because it goes from soft to merciless fury as a wall of raspy screams, guitars and blast beats immediately start the next track, “Empty”. I just love the complex, technical and intelligent way each song is composed. There is a real balance between each instrument. The bass and guitars play well together and compliment each other, weaving melody and grim unrelenting blasts of extreme metal together throughout the album. Various styles of guitar play present themselves against a bleak harsh atmosphere. One can pick up on the tremolo and flamenco styles included, which certainly add a Spanish flavour to this extreme metal production. There are many layers to each song and at times I am reminded a little bit of technical death metal like Between the Buried and Me, especially with the song “Filandom Under the Sign of Misfortune”. It’s the longest one, going for 10 minutes and 19 seconds, but I assure you it does not feel so long when you are fully immersed as I was. There is an ebb and flow, from brutal black metal to melodic and gothic symphonic sounds in each song. I love the mix of growling guttural vocals along with the clean vocals, some spoken and whispered full of agony, desperation crying out and begging for it all to end.

I enjoyed the album from beginning to end. I felt the real gems of this production personally for myself were “Filandom Under the Sign of Misfortune”, “We All Taste the Same for the Worms”, “The Night Remains for Who Is” and “Deathlorn”. They were especially dark and bleak for my taste, though every song, especially from “Empty” until the end, are well worth repeated listening. This album had made quite the impression, and having never heard the band Empty before now I can definitely say I am a fan and shall be listening to their previous albums. I can not recommend them enough if you enjoy a bit of avant-garde, depressing, gloomy black metal. The production, composition, performance and themes are rich in complex layers of raw agonized emotions captured exquisitely in music.