Wrestling – Ride on Freaks

Rating: 0/5
Distributor/label [URL] Inverse Records
Released: 2018
Buy Album [URL] https://wrestlingheavymetal.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/wrestlingband/

Band line-up:

Tommi Saha – Vocals
Riku Rousu – Bass, Vocals
Janne Kela – Drums
Risto Nyman – Guitars
Pekka Moilanen – Guitars


1. Let’s Get Born
2. Surreal Killer
3. Venom Makes me Stronger
4. Kitsch in America
5. Drunk and Alone
6. Wrestlemania VI
7. Beyond the Limits
8. Feels like Midnight
9. Driving all Night
10. The Solution to All Your Problems
11. See Delight


It’s extremely rare to look at an album, assume from the very dull band name and album title that the release will be dreadful – and have your worst fears realised.

This debut from a trad-Metal outfit from Finland might be the first time one has given a 0% rating to a metal release, for all the right reasons. First of all, the name: Wrestling – could this band have found a slightly more inspiring name to reflect their obvious love of the ancient sport?

Secondly, it opens with an audible car crash and I don’t mean that in a friendly way at all. The opening track ‘Let’s Get Born’ has the extremely annoying vocals of Tommi Saha blaring in your ear and you think he’s trying to sound American. Second track ‘Surreal Killer’ just feels like a barrage of wasps have invaded your ears and stung you rapidly till you give up and turn this album off.

If the band’s aim was to be funny, they definitely didn’t take the right route, ‘Kitsch in America’ is an easy pun on the Kim Wilde hit but carries nothing of substance to tickle the funnybone and then things go from bad to worse with ‘Wrestlemania VI.’ Guys, I came here to listen to metal, not to watch some dull wrestling match from the 90s.

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh as I’m no fan of wrestling and know a fair few metalheads who do love the sport, but if you want to write a song about it, make it epic and subtle – isn’t that what metal lyrics are all about? This record does not hold up well, even if you do like said sport, but this is nowhere near the fun Chris Jericho has conjured up with Fozzy or anything similar.

Wrestling has tried to enter the metal ring with a badly arranged sense of humour and has not stood up well to their opponents. I cannot see this band getting much praise from even the most die-hard of wrestling fans in the Metal sorority, or they could gain lots and lots of attention for writing something so bad, it’s good.

Either way, I’ll leave you to be the judge of that but be warned, you may feel this record was a waste of time.

Review by Demitri Levantis