Entierro – Entierro

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label [URL] Self Released
Released: 2018
Buy Album [URL] https://entierro.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/entierrometal/  

Band line-up:

Dave Parmalee – Drums
Chris Taylor – Bass, Vocals
Christopher Begnal – Guitars, Vocals
Victor Arduini – Guitars, Vocals


1. Cyclonic Winds
2. Santa Muerte
3. Cauldron Of War
4. Live To Tell
5. Dybbuk
6. Turn Out The Light
7. Valley Of Deceit
8. Controlled Burn


Doom Metal is one of the few Metal genres I’ve taken over 10 years to get into, and it seems after hunting high and low amongst the plethora of bands who all sounded too deep, too long, too progressive and lacked the energy and aggression I seek out in my metal palate – I finally think I have stumbled upon a band who have it “just right” with their debut release.

Entierro, all the way from Connecticut are the band in question. Their self-titled debut is one that will easily grab the listener by the haunches if you’re into Death or Black Metal like me, and will hold you there as the guys deliver a hefty dose of Doom. It sounds at best like if Hendrix and Clapton had teamed up with Judas Priest at some point in the 80s, and jammed to make up some hefty speed metal with all the psychedelia of their acid-fuelled peers.

What a band of versatility this is, they know how to make a good lengthy track by not going on for too long, so if you have a low attention span like this critic, you won’t be dismayed. That’s another reason it’s taken so long for me to get into Doom, so if you are a young up and coming Doom fan, then certainly put Enteirro into your collection.

The dual guitars grind and whine with power and there’s all the regular blues and shuffles to please you, if you want music that comes from the roots of all Rock N Roll. This album rocks and adds versatile depth to a genre that has never quite courted the attention of the mass media and has remained happily biding its time in the underground.

Entierro is part of a good new wave of heftier Doom that is establishing itself among the Doom sorority, so do give this record a whirl if you want to be there as the times change.

Review by Demitri Levantis