Matalobos – Until Time Has Lost All Meaning

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Concreto Records
Released: 2017
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Band lineup:
Germán N. – Guitars/Strings
De Anda – Bass
A. Escalona – Drums
E. Santamaria – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Dante – Vocals
  1. Of Ghosts And Yearning
  2. In Flesh Engraved
  3. La Luz Del Día Muere

I had not come across any Mexican doom before, so when Matalobos’ third release popped through I was immediately intrigued. This EP follows on from the band’s first full length album in ‘Arte Macabro’ which was made up of six tracks and was over 40 minutes long. This EP is roughly half the size but there’s plenty packed in for those who like their doom to be on the more melodic side whilst also being tinged by the glory of death metal.

They have kicked off from where they left off with ‘Arte Macabro’. The opener ‘Of Ghosts And Yearning’ is a massive track standing well over ten minutes to introduce the piece. Right at the start we get some Latin tinged acoustic (similar to their last release) before Matalobos bring the weight and the atmosphere congeals into a thick humid soup of lament. Something Matalobos appear to be rather good at is going for the haunting themes like Warning would do back in the day or Bellwitch more recently. Matalobos do also utilise clean vocals – a little more so on ‘Arte Macabro’ – but they also like to shake the rafters with the booming growls which go well when they up the pressure and delve into their harder death meal influences like in the second track ‘In Flesh Engraved’.


I like their melodic style of death metal when they initiate the charge. They lose no weight of atmosphere when they increase the tempo and start battering out the crushing blows. It is all very well tempered and the layered intuitively; Escalona’s drumming is used very cleverly throughout and dictates the pace with force and restraint when required. The impact of the chords when used also magnify the tension in the music and is done so well. The final track is the shortest, standing under three minutes, and is an instrumental piece. It brings some bluesy guitar parts in and really captures the theme of the EP, that being the ‘three crucial facets of the human being: Abandon, somatization and pain embracement.’

‘Until Time Has Lost All Meaning’ is a dynamic album that has many facets and attributes that swirl and make interest peak as does its ability to draw you into the deep, dark and sorrowful landscape that they have painted with their music. Death/Doom has a great calling today and some bands are mastering the art form in a variety of different ways. Sometimes with bands, their melodic aspects fail miserably and serve to bore rather than to drag you in but Matalobos have been able to conjure some draw that has appeal and works well overall. A more condensed form of their previous effort and one that serves the band well and will help them push forward to greater and more doomier pastures.
Review By Pete Mutant