Marty Friedman – One Bad M.F. Live!!

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label [URL] Prosthetic Records
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Marty Friedman – Guitar
Kiyoshi – Bass
Jordan Ziff – Guitar
Chargeeee – Drums


1. Street Demon
2. Elixir
3. Amagi Goe
4. Inferno
5. Self Pollution
6. Devil Take Tomorrow
7. Mutation Medley
8. Ripped Medley
9. Whiteworm
10. Undertow
11. Dragon Mistress
12. Kaeritakunatta Yo
13. Hyper Doom
14. Stigmata Addiction


Heavy Metal has a very strong and interesting relationship with Classical Music and traditional composers. This may be dude to a lot of early metal musicians taking influence from the classics, but today we see metal going from a mere genre of entertainment, to a showcase of versatility and musical strength.

One composer who has pioneered this image is Marty Friedman, known as the guitar player for Megadeth and now as a neoclassical and instrumental rock composer along the same lines as Yngwie Malmsteen, and in his latest live album ‘One Bad M.F. Live,’ we can see just how versatile a composer Mr Friedman is.

Recorded in Mexico City on the last date of his 2018 ‘Wall of Sound’ Tour, this album’s main selling point is how it rocks your socks off without the need for lyrics and vocals. ‘Street Demon’ shreds like a meat grinder showing just how dexterous Marty is with his fingers, then ‘Amagi Goe’ attacks like an air raid with a rain of riffs that are matched in audible firepower by ‘Inferno,’ where you feel like you’re being pelted with golden arrows of guitar riffs.

As the album progresses we see some slower pieces like ‘Devil Take Tomorrow’ which Marty describes as a love ballad in the few times he speaks to the audience, and this again goes to show you don’t need vocals to make good music for the right emotions. The tunes progress well and flow like a massive river into the ears and you picture the crowd swaying from side to side in the belting tunes ringing out across Mexico City.

One thing I’ve always found a bit annoying about live albums is how the audience sometimes never stays quiet for the performers and can sometimes ruin the experience for the listener, but on this album, they are very respectful and humble. Marty also pays tribute to how much he enjoys being in Latin America with some Latin style guitar on the track ‘Whiteworm’ which sends the crowd bananas, but you can still enjoy the full-frontal blast of his music without annoying cheering over it.

All other musicians involved are nothing short of amazing, especially drummer Chargeeee who shows just how advanced a drummer he is on ‘Dragon Mistress’ just before Marty begins to hype up the crowd and teaches them a bit of Japanese, learnt from his many years working and living in Japan – again we see how internationally successful this man is in all corners of the globe and how he deserves it with incredible live performances like this.

The album then closes with the very nice mix of traditional heavy metal and classic rock ‘Stigmata Addiction’ so we’ve gone on a bit of a journey across genres and the history of this great man’s career. Overall you can call this a festival of all things Friedman and how after over 30 years making this amazing music he still has the strength and stamina to deliver such breath-taking shows and bring the world together in a love of music both entertaining and eye-opening.

Thank you, Marty, for all your hard work, keep it up.

Review by Demitri Levantis