Chelsea Grin + Oceano + Kublai Khan + Enterprise Earth @ The Dome

24th September 2018
Review and Photography by David William Hatton

Tonight’s aural entertainment comes in the shape of a four-way heavyweight Deathcore line-up, Enterprise Earth, Kublai Khan, Oceano & Headliners Chelsea Grin.
The sheer brutality this show promises to offer, could be a show of legendary proportions, especially If you love Deathcore.

The Dome in Tufnell Park is the place to be and has seen many a heavy night across the last 20 years.
As I queue, I observe a more youthful look to the early attendees; it allows for a moment of reflection on the first shows I attended way back in the late 80s and Early 90s.

Spokane, Washington’s Enterprise Earth get this deathly line-up started. Frontman Dan Watson has a professional stage presence working the sides of the stage like a seasoned road dog.

A modest crowd has arrived early to see Dan and his troupe throw down their Deathcore tunes, they have energy in abundance and thus makes for a lively set. It’s heating up tonight and two songs in shirts are off and small pits are starting to form, it’s time to mosh.

Enterprise Earth are comfortable playing live and blitz through the set, as an opening act they have got the crowd ready, the sweaty shirtless pit action is the truest indicator.

Great way to start the evening, 25mins was a perfect set length. Hit the stage, rip it up, then get out front and watch the rest of this monster heavy bill.

Next up is Kublai Khan.

I must admit I’m looking forward to seeing KK. As they play a style of Metalcore reminiscent of the early 90s metallic hardcore scene (Integrity, Earth Crisis, All Out War, Hatebreed).

They focus on social issues such as organised religion, racism & depression, all these topics affect the majority of us throughout our lives.

Influences ranging from heavy hardcore, Sludgey slow hardcore breakdowns, heavily down-tuned guitars, hardcore rasp growls, sometimes making use of high screams and death growls.

Frontman Matt Honeycutt is a commanding figure, and it’s clear he is invested in his message, as his passion and intensity shows.
In between songs he speaks about his concerns, and how if we come together any obstacle can be overcome.

Music is one of the greatest ways to bring togetherness, the ideals of unity over segregation seem to be a strong motivator within the band.
Particularly pointing the finger at organised religion, “you won’t hear any objections from me”.
In the war of opinions, Musicians freely challenge the pre-established systems and controls, bringing an honest and propaganda-free speak.

Musically Kublai Khan are as you hope, mix up of the heaviness of hardcore with the vocal delivery of an indignant preacher.

Frontman and speaker of home truths is patrolling every inch of the stage, throw in some crowd surfing and KK have stamped their mark well truly on the audience tonight.

Fantastic feel to their music, Ernest and straightforward.

A middle finger to the powermongers that try and manipulate you with their political point scoring and lies.

Cook County’s OCEANO are up next.
As they walk on stage, hoods up and in total darkness, part of me think we are in for a mean and brooding light show, and the photographer in me hopes not! But the latter side of me is right.

Oceano plays in what can be described as minimalist lighting, not good from a photography point, but brooding and menacing is what best fits their music.

Vocalist and guttural demon Adam Watson grunts like a pig from hell,

this layered with the Blast beats, sonic double bass, slow bottom heavy breakdowns and you have an impressively heavy death metal, deathcore mix with a few grind moments thrown in.

Very heavy band.



Heading the bill tonight is Salt Lake City’s Chelsea Grin, fresh from playing the legendary Dynamo fest in Eindhoven. CG get on stage without any major fuss, the lights are down, and the pretty much-packed venue is ready.

Lights come up and they break straight into Dead Rose from this year’s Eternal Nightmare record,


frontgrunter Tom Barber is in full swing using every inch the dome stage can offer, CG has a lot to follow with the previous three bands all boasting a heavy deathcore sound as is possible.

But CG are up for the battle, as they drop into the beastly song ‘The Wolf’ the crowd respond instantly, the pit is at its largest and most ferocious.

Goat horns are fully aloft tonight.

The name Chelsea Grin could easily be confused with an old UK punk band, whilst queueing an older statesman asked who was playing tonight, “Chelsea Grin” I replied, “is it punk” he asked, Punk they are definitely not, brutal Deathcore, yes.

Tonight there is a celebrity in the house, and he is easily spotted amongst the metal crowd.

Joining them on stage, it’s no other than Shrek, (or maybe Wayne Rooney) animated movie star and part-time stage diver.

He looked a lot thinner in real life, well as the cliche goes TV does add at least 10lbs to ya.

With Shrek gone looking for some pit action, which he has no problem finding as the crowd switch between moshing and circle pits at will.


Chelsea Grin has pretty much destroyed the Dome tonight, my Earplugs were my friend. After hearing four of the best heavy bands in the genre, my ears would have been ringing for a week.

What a great tour they have put together, giving the punter great value for their hard earned £.

The youth of today are in safe hands.


Dead Rose
The Wolf
Across the Earth
See you soon
9:30 am
Scent of Evil
Nobody listened
Eternal Nightmare
My Damnation
Playing with Fire
Broken Bonds
Skin Deep