Sasquatch & Cavalli @ The Black Heart, London

Date: 29th September 2018
Review and Photos: Ryan Whitwell / Shotison Media

Sasquatch’s current tour stopped off in Camden’s Black Heart to blast some eardrums with Cavalli in support.

Cavalli, the London based stoner rockers with some punk influences, were first up. Their set was filled with some good, solid stoner riffs, perfect considering the crowd that was piling in for Sasquatch.

A bit of a switch in tempo towards the end with a few hard and fast numbers offered a sound that leaned into more of a Punk vibe. That punk vibe was further enhanced by the SG guitar being flung around by the guitarist. The whole set offered plenty of energy to warm up the room.

A bit of bass amp trouble before the set delayed things before Sasquatch could begin, but the delay only seemed to raise the hype level among some of the crowd as restlessness grew.

From the first chord it was clear this was going to be a full-on onslaught of hard and heavy stoner rock. Sweat, hair and beer flew around the front edge of the stage as the heavy bass lines hit our faces, usually accompanied by a fan’s torso as they got some surfing time in! I come to Black Heart a lot and I have never seen this many people jumping into the crowd. A few decided to go back for a few goes at crowd surfing.

The set was full on, proper stoner rock. Banging grooves and wicked guitar solos in abundance as the hyped up crowd lapped up every note.

The set list was all over the timeline. Stuff from the first album alongside new material, and it all sounded great. Bags of energy, tonnes of riffs, and a crate load of noodling was all fans wanted, and it’s exactly what Sasquatch delivered.

The energy was non-stop. Each number was thumping through the crowd and, possibly due to the delay, the band didn’t let up. I only recall one noticeable break between songs for a selfie with the fans.

Big headbanging riffs got heavier as the heat rose in the sold-out Black Heart. The humidity was as high as the volume as crunching riff after riff pummelled the crowd.

The guys from Cavalli were also down the front, clearly having a whale of a time, as was everyone else. So much fuzz and bass,  I can confirm I absolutely loved it. Proper desert rock and stoner vibes. Best choice for my Saturday night I could have made!