Stoned Jesus @ The Garage, London

Date: 28th September 2018
Review and Photos: Ryan Whitwell / Shotison Media

Tonight was the last night of Stoned Jesus’ European tour proper, and what a way to cap it off. The fans, the sound, the energy were all running hot with high octane stuff on the stage as well as in front of it.

I was a bit late thanks to the gig starting at 6.30, but I caught the second half of Elephant Tree’s set. Fantastic stuff from the London Based group.

I’ve been a fan for a while and I am really pleased they are delivering some amazing sets in front of people who clearly appreciated what they are doing.

I don’t think it’s at all hyperbolic to suggest these guys are going to do some great things judging by tonight’s performance.

The band were joined by 2/3rds of Mothership for last two numbers, including a slowed down version of Sabbath’s Paranoid for the finale. Great start to what would prove to be a brilliant lineup.

I met a couple of guys at the bar who claimed they were only here to see Elephant Tree as they didn’t know much about the other two acts. I’m going to assume they were impressed, as although Elephant Tree set the bar high, all three acts seemed to be determined to smash it tonight.

Texas band Mothership were next up. I haven’t seen these guys for years, the previous time being in Camden with Wo Fat, and they don’t seem to have deviated much in terms of attitude! Lots of psych and stoner goodness with bags of guitar solos and fuzzy riffs. Exactly the kind of thing I’m into.

Lots of psych and stoner goodness with bags of guitar solos and Fuzzy riffs. Exactly the kind of thing I’m into.
Kelley on guitar was very active. Running around, pulling some interesting facial expressions as the band’s set included a mix of older and more recent stuff.

Igor of Stoned Jesus joined the band for “Serpent’s Throne”, with a couple of Elephant Tree members stepping out for “Little Schoolgirl”, which sounded far bluesier than I remember (I’ll have to revisit that album).

Stoned Jesus started out a little more on the sedate side at first when compared to Mothership.

The intensity grew gradually as harder hitting sections became more apparent and abundant. As the set continued the crowd started to get into it a lot, made evident by the pit and the occasional crowd surfer.

Space rock proggy vibe, with a hint of weed smell coming from the crowd. Tracks like “Here come the robots” were a bit hot with fans and seemed to be a turning point in terms of energy on both sides of the photo pit.

A bit of George Michael before Kelley from Mothership comes out for the extended instrumental intro of “I am the Mountain” before the song throws the fans into a convincing singalong session.

Just before the encore, I stepped out to stand at the back (it gets hot at the front) and had a chance to witness the energetic crowd. Jumping, a bit of moshing, before the show I thought Stoned Jesus were too steady for such antics!

I also managed to have a very quick chat to Kelley of Mothership. Nice guy, he recognised me as one of the two photographers and really wanted to see my shots, so, Kelley, here’s one for ya!

The camaraderie between bands really shone as they all joined each other on stage on a song or two, even lending a guitar to save time replacing a broken string. I can’t imagine the antics those three bands got on during the tour, but I’m sure it was perfectly safe and completely family friendly.