Sonic Wolves, Earthmass and Green Lung @ The Black Heart, Camden

Date: October 2018
Review and Photos: Ryan Whitwell / Shotison Media

Italian heavy psych slingers Sonic Wolves (featuring members of Ufomammut and ex-Pentagram) stopped by Camden’s Black Heart during their current tour. Tonight they were joined by a couple of local support acts.

First up were London based Green Lung.Green_Lung

It was high energy stuff with plenty of head banging on stage. I really enjoyed the fuzzy tone from the bass and guitar. Punchy psych with a couple of new numbers on the set list. Green_Lung

The band mentioned a new album coming next year. I’m really enjoying their recent EP, so am looking forward to the next release.Green_Lung

A few guitar solos and a tasty bass solo added a bit of variety and it seemed singer really liked those moments too, with plenty of hand gestures and encouragement being given to the rest of the band during those sections.Green_Lung

Earthmass were next up. They’re an Essex based band that I’m struggling not to fan-boy over after loving their first album. If you like long format drifting psych/doom, big heavy phases and few vocals you’ll love these guys as much as I do.Earthmass

Live, they deliver some great trippy and heavy vibes. Hard to quantify as the last number (at least I think it was one number) had a huge build up, with some really quiet moments and little nuances as it gradually built before delivering a smack in the face as if all the distortion pedals were struck at once.Earthmass

A great band to lose yourself in. Their new album has just come out too, which I am listening to right now.Earthmass

Sonic Wolves didn’t mess about. Plenty of fast and heavy numbers straight off the bat with Freedom is the Devil’s fast and furious riffs ripping through the room. Sonic_Wolves

The set didn’t really show any signs of slowing down until past the half way point with ‘He Said’, which offered a nice bluesy vibe, but with plenty of reverb on Kayt Vigil’s vocals and phaser style effects elsewhere to keep it within the realm of psych. Sonic_Wolves

I’m a sucker for a sweet guitar solo, and Sonic Wolves have quite a few, a favourite of mine being the tremelo loaded ear blaster during ‘You’ll Climb the Walls’. Some brilliant talent was present on the two 6 strings with Jason Nealy and Enrico “Ico” Aniasi.

Drumming was a show in itself, the energy exerted by drummer Vita (who also plays in Ufomammut) made me feel exhausted just watching him!

The bass lines really made themselves known in the tiny Black Heart, reverberating through without mercy.

The penultimate number had Vito step from behind the kit to to talk about Lemmy and what killed him, namely a certain brown sugary drink (according to Vito). So if you wondered what the “CC” in ‘CC Killed Lemmy’ is, now you know. Obviously the track had more than a little Motörhead about it. This band finished off with ‘Before the End Comes’.Sonic_Wolves

Freedom is the Devil
Red Temple
You’ll Climb the Walls
Tide of Chaos
Stonefaced General
Cheatin’ Death
He Said
Heavy Light
CC Killed Lemmy
Before the End Comes