DATE: 15th October 2018

Japanese heavy metal band Crossfaith are no stranger to Glasgow, they have played here quite a few times in the past few years supporting different bands and they have certainly picked up a loyal following on the way. A fully packed venue shows how far their hard work has got them. Their new album “ Ex_Machina” came out not long ago and I am excited to see some of the new material get played live tonight.

The atmosphere in the room is purely ecstatic, the fans are filled with excitement waiting for this ‘best night of your life’ kind of gig, myself included. Lights dimmed, new intro “Deux Ex Machina’ is on, it’s officially party time. The band came onto the stage with Ken running around waving a massive band flag and the already excited crowd instantly went absolutely wild.

The band started the set with ‘Catastrophe’, a song from their new album which got received very well but it’s when the iconic ‘Monolith’ got played we saw fans losing it by throwing themselves into the crazy mosh pit or joining the crowd surfers, just to get that bit closer to the action. Luckily we have our old friend ‘Pit Troll’ on duty who was there to keep everyone safe whilst having fun.


Showing no signs of stopping, they continued their set with well known numbers like “ Jägerbomb”,”Wildfire“ and of course the iconic cover of Prodigy’s “Omen” that everyone went crazy for. The circle pit got bigger, the venue got even more sweatier, the crowd got louder and wilder, the room was filled with infinite energy, it was extremely uplifting for such a small venue.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look when you are watching Crossfaith’s performance, there is just so much going on. With Ken at the front constantly engaging with fans, Hiro jumping on top of the raised platform with his blue bass guitar or Teru climbing onto his DJ desk producing some extremely spacey sounds, there is also Tatsu on the right side of the stage throwing some crazy drumming stuff.

Just when you are trying to take everything in, suddenly you realise Ken and Hiro have somehow ended up in the middle of the mosh pit sitting on top of security guys, waving their giant flag whilst commanding the crowd to jump with them! It took very minimal convincing before the venue became a sea of waves and that was one epic scene to witness from the balcony, not many bands can do that with so little effort.

Time really flies when you are having so much fun, one hour had passed when it felt as though the night has just started. The band left the stage which gave Tatsu time to deliver the most amazing drum solo I had ever seen, everyone’s jaws were dropped just like mine, he seemed pretty pleased with himself too with that massive smile on his face.

The rest of the band returned to the stage and finished their set with “The Perfect Nightmare” from “Ex-Machina” which was the perfect ending to one amazing evening.

Crossfaith never disappoint, Crossfaith always delivers. Go to see them.


  1. Deus Ex Machina
  2. Catastrophe
  3. Monolith
  4. Destroy
  5. Jägerbomb
  6. Countdown to hell
  7. Wildfire
  8. Make a move
  9. Omen
  10. System X
  11. Xeno
  12. SE
  13. Freedom
  14. Daybreak


15. Drum solo

16. Into the nightmare

17. The perfect Nightmare