Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label URL: Self-released
Released: 2018
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Marko Köfler – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming


1. Moodshift
2. The Individualist
3. Witchgrove Mountain
4. We Stare Into the Fading Sun
5. A Wall Behind the Curtain



Adder’s Fork comes from Austria with an interesting mix of heavy rock and metal blended with classic post punk and gothic rock influences. This self released EP orchestrated by Marko Köfler titled “The Individualist” takes inspiration from The Sisters of Mercy and The Cure but delivers their melancholy sounds in a heavier hitting set of 5 songs. The Project name itself comes from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the Adder’s Fork being an ingredient used in a witches brew.

It starts with Moodshift, a fairly short and simple instrumental opening. I definitely can hear the Cure and post punk influences in this song. The next track, The Individualist is pretty much a typical gothic rock sounding song. Not very heavy and has a little bit of a Sisters of Mercy sound. His vocals do not command a great deal of presence in the songs. They are not bad but they lack the power I expected. In some parts there are some distorted vocals and growls layered with clean vocals. Though it will remain the one big take away from this album. Witchgrove Mountain was the same. There are some heavier metal sounds, including blast beats and heavier drumming. No real shredding or anything. The guitar solos sound a little bit on the weak and quiet side.

We Stare Into the Fading Song was more heavy and delivered some more powerful guitar solos. It was a blend of what I would describe as basic metal with a hint of post punk sounds. Though I feel again the vocals are not captivating and I find myself more focused on the instrumental sounds. It closes with A Wall behind the Curtain and that I would say is the heaviest of all the songs. It was the most metal sounding of all and yet again the vocals feel lost in the music. He even has some pretty diabolical sounding laughing and distorted singing in the song but they barely shine through. The song feels like a mish mash of different genres and sounds. I know this was his intention to mix these different sounds to make something unique but it fell flat. I really hoped I would enjoy this more than I did. I am a huge fan of post punk and gothic rock and it’s nice not to hear the same old thing all the time and have new bands come along to add to that genre.

I have to remember this is all being produced by one man independently so I would say its production is really good for this fact. It’s impressive that he made, recorded and self produced this album so I definitely give an A for the effort. Though I feel there needs to be a better balance for the vocals and the artist shouldn’t be afraid to really punch them out so they do not get drowned into the background. It was hard to keep focused on the singing. Not a bad album though it really did not really do anything too memorable for me.