Martyr Art – FearFaith Machines

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2018
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Martyr Art - FearFaith Machines
Martyr Art – FearFaith Machines

Joe Gagliardi III


1. Motion
2. The Pleasure of Pain
3. Who Are You
4. Just
5. Constrict
6. Thundering
7. Binary Slavery


It would seem that nowadays a good metal band often needs more than the standard 3-5 members to produce a truly new and profound sound. When something good comes along and you find that it’s all done by one man alone it makes it a little difficult to grasp. Thankfully with the use of technology, it’s not too hard to start making music by yourself by doing everything. Joe Gagliardi III is a prime example of using technology in the right way to create new dynamic music reminiscent of bands we know and love but taking it a step further.

Described as an artist for fans of Fear Factory, Slipknot and Lamb of God, it’s a pretty ballsy move to relate to such titans in the industry. However, I can see why. There are moments where you can hear inspiration being pulled from these bands but not so much so that it’s ripping them off. Just the right amount of being inspired and creativity to re-inspire others.

However, for myself, the stand out track on this album was Thundering. Probably the least technologically developed song on the album, it proves that sometimes – not in all cases – less is more. The song is eerie, and with vocals evocative of the infamous Corey Taylor it caught my attention amongst all of the other more upbeat songs. There is almost a faint likeness to Nine Inch Nails here as well. Most specifically there song Hurt.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the album and would definitely agree with their for fans of. There is a good mixture of styles, it doesn’t bind itself to one style of metal and that makes it far more interesting and diverse to listen to.


Review by Courtney Solloway