MaYaN – Dhyana

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2018
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MaYaN - Dhyana
MaYaN – Dhyana

Mark Jansen
Laura Macri
Marcela Bovio
George Oosthoek
Adam Denlinger
Jack Driessen
Frank Schiphorst
Merel Bechtold (or backup Arjan Rijnen or Jord Otto)
Roel Käller
Ariën van Weesenbeek
Henning Basse (special guest)



1. The Rhythm of Freedom
2. Tornado of Thoughts – I don’t think therefore I am
3. Saints Don’t Die
4. Dhyana
5. Rebirth from Despair
6. The Power Process
7. The Illusory Self
8. Satori
9. Maya – The Veil of Delusion
10. The Flaming Rage of God
11. Set Me Free



A band full of superstars in their own right MaYaN is made up of musicians from multiple already successful bands such as Epica, Nightwish and Delain to name a few. For a band of so many members, this metal group are captivatingly haunting. From the screams to the choir to the music, everything that’s there works so beautifully and as one they make a team ready for domination of that particular music scene.

I’ll be honest, I have no area of expertise in this area of metal at all. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the scene by any means, I just haven’t fully emersed myself in it, until now that is. Everyone knows the big names like Nightwish and Epica, they’re fairly common knowledge even to those who don’t listen to the sub-genre.

One thing about this album is that it is heavy. Really heavy. The riffs are just as brutal as the screaming and it can often over immerse you and make you feel uneasy. But tracks such as Satori bring a welcomed break from all the really harsh stuff and bring you back down to Earth – if only for a little while – before you’re sent flying on another adventure with the other songs.

The orchestra is amazing. The singing is done amazingly. I was consistently in awe of the falsetto opera mixed with the screaming and rough singing. Things that I didn’t expect would work just did. It just goes to show when you put seasoned pros together just how great an outcome you can get.

Review by Courtney Solloway