DATE: 21st OCTOBER 2018

Considering it’s the same venue where I saw Crossfaith here a week ago, the atmosphere here tonight is completely different, it has got a 90s boyband concert kind of vibe but in a very nice heart warming nalstagic way. To be honest, my memory of The Rasmus still remains in their “In The Shadows” era. As much as I am curious to hear their new material from “ Dark Matters”, I am much more looking forward to take a  trip down the memory lane.

Support band for tonight is Shiver, from Italy. They have got a harsh and sluggish kind of sound which is quite enjoyable and they tried pretty hard to put on an energetic show, but unfortunately the audiences were just not that into it. Although by the end of their set when they played one of their hits “The fragile sound“, the audience seemed to enjoyed them a lot more, all in all not a bad performance at all but maybe for a different kind of audience.

Shortly after 9pm, The Rasmus came onto the stage followed by a massive cheer. Took me by surprise that they jumped  right into “The First Day Of My Life“ which is arguably one of their biggest hits. Everyone in the room was singing along with front man Lauri as though we have traveled back in time, the energy in the room was purely beautiful.

It’s been more than 5 years since they toured in the UK. It’s clear that the band is happy and proud to be back, front man Lauri did seem a bit nervous at the beginning but with the help of seeing the positive response from the audience, he soon got relaxed and to be honest he sounded a lot better than I expected. The whole band seem to really enjoying themselves, and the connection between the band and the audience really made the night rather special.

After a few old numbers to get the audience warmed up, they played a few songs from their newest album ‘Dark Matter‘ which sounds way too pop compared to their old alternative rock kind of sound, I am not very sure about them. Before I even had time to make up my mind, the band has already gone back to playing more oldies across their long history which I think is the right move. A pleasant round of acoustic numbers were also a really nice touch to set the tone of the evening and the audiences really enjoyed that, myself included.

I mean it wouldn’t be a ‘The Tasmus‘ gig if “In The Shadows“ wasn’t played, they closed the set with this monstrous single that most likely introduced everyone to the band in the first place. And of course everyone went crazy for it, let’s be honest we all have been wating all night for this one to come, and those ‘oh-ohs’ probably will be stuck in our heads for quite some time.

As a band, The Rasmus has still got it. They have plenty of well written songs and they put on a good show, but nostalgia probably always has something to do with it.



  1. First day of my life
  2. Guilty
  3. No fear
  4. Paradise
  5. Time to Burn
  6. Immortal
  7. Nothing
  8. Wonderman
  9. Justify
  10. Not like the other girls
  11. Sophia
  12. Still standing
  13. Funeral song
  14. F-F-F-Falling
  15. Livin’ in a world without you
  16. In my life
  17. In the shadows



18. Holy grail
19. Sail away