Hypnodrone Ensemble – Plays Orchestral Favourites

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Wolves And Vibrancy Records
Released: 2018
Buy Album: http://wolvesandvibrancyrecords.tictail.com/product/hypnodrone-ensemble-play-orchestral-favourites-12
Band Website: https://hypnodroneensemble.bandcamp.com/

Band lineup:

Aidan Baker- Guitars
Eric Quach- Guitars
David Dunnett – Drums
Jérémie Mortier – Drums
Felipe Salazar – Drums
Simon Goff – Violin
Félix Todtlöff – Bass
Duchamp –  Baritone Guitar
Diego Ferri- Synth/tape player

  1. Serial Staging
  2. Orbital Pertubation
  3. Restabilization
  4. Monotransitive
  5. Pulsations in the Hypnosphere
Hynodrone Ensemble hail from Berlin and are comprised of a core of five members (three of which are drummers) and they have released their third full release in ‘Plays Orchestral Favourites’, five tracks of spacious and diverse instrumental music. The ‘orchestral’ tagline works well to the band’s setup on this record as they have also teamed up with four other musicians that have assisted with their previous efforts to become a nine-piece outfit. In steps, once again, guest violonist Simon Goff, bassist Félix Todtlöff, baritone guitarist Duchamp & synth/tape player Diego Ferri to help craft the surreal musical soundscapes that the band produces.

They can best be described as a mix of post-rock, space-rock with a definite characteristic to border on the avant-garde. The track ‘Monotransitive’ certainly goes off into distant territories with a slow, awkward crawl which builds a slight tension in the atmosphere. The three drummers aren’t heavily utilised in this track but they certainly are in the opener ‘Serial Staging’ with the drummers working as multi-tracked layers but in a physical and not programmed setting. It’s easier to separate each drummer’s playing in certain songs rather than others: ‘Monotransitive’, not really; ‘Orbital Pertubation’, more so.

There’s a lot of eerie vibes throughout and I also get the feeling that the band are quite doom orientated but in a spacial sense rather than a crushing riff sense. The guitar parts are very nuanced such as the baritone section and are very subtle, not in your face at all. There’s themes of darkness throughout but also very relaxed aspects as well. Some of the music you could plug in and close your eyes to and journey through the cosmos of the mind. Some of it can be a bit monotonous too but overall there’s more appealing aspects than not.

Hypnodrone Ensemble have assembled again to provide listeners with some well thought out and intuitive music. Music that feels as though there is a web where multiple parts are collecting and reacting to fluctuations, think ripples, that ebbs and flows through alternating parts. The shrieks of the violins, the swells of the synths, the layered drumming and all the other elements combine as if to reignite the surreal nature of Futurism based art and music and bring it forth into the 21st century. It’s an album that you definitely need patience for but it is worth the time invested.
Review By Pete Mutant