Wo Fat + The Devil and the Almighty Blues @ The Underworld, London

‘sDate: 11th October 2018
Review & Photos: Ryan Whitwell / Shotison Media

Took a little while before the Underworld filled up, but people moved down the front once The Devil and the Almighty Blues fired up. Delivering some heavy blues with a shed load of bass, these Finnish gents nailed it tonight.Devil_Almighty_Blues

The bassist was extremely active, throwing the neck of his bass down and pulling some odd facial expressions with the guitarists alongside him also proving to add lots of movement to the performance.Devil_Almighty_Blues

A lot of the songs tonight seemed to be more instrumental, with lead singer taking a step back and admiring some brilliant musicianship, with the two six stringers offering some very tasty extended solos.Devil_Almighty_Blues

The drums had a big sound too. Each smack of the bass drum vibrating the floor of the Underworld sending massive earthquakes through the ankles of those in attendance.

‘The Ghost of Charlie Barracuda’ to finish the set, a big hit with the crowd, especially the final phase where the whole song devolves into a headbanging riff fest! Brilliant stuff!

Wo Fat were next up and Oof, that bass amp didn’t get any let up tonight. Rib cracking bass lines pummeled the fans right off the bat.Wo_Fat

Hair flying everywhere as the headbanging riffs took hold. Massive drum sound from Michael Walter’s kit matching the intense bass from new bass player Zack.

Excellent stuff. A short hello before deafening us with Lost Highway a couple numbers in. That little hint of phaser on the lead guitar intro offers some light before the heavy onslaught ensues.

Plenty of fans in for the Texan band. Each number getting a bit of a cheer after the first couple of notes and enthusiastic headbanging further indicating their love of the music blasting from the stage.

I stepped back a bit halfway through the set, and it was cool to see so many nodding heads moving in unison, like an ocean of hair and skin under the rapidly changing lights of the Underworld.

A slight hint of a certain herb was also present in the crowd. Kind of expected at Wo Fat gigs, that heavy desert sound is called “stoner rock” for a reason.

The songs flowed into one another at times, with only a rhythm change indicating that the set had moved on before the main riff really kicked in. A nonstop freight train packed full of dirty riffs!