Nachash – Phantasmal Triunity

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label URL: Shadow Kingdom Records
Released: 10 August 2018
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1. Red Death Eclipse (A Savage Darkening)
2. Apex Illuminous
3. Astral Sacrifice
4. Fleshtemple Incineration
5. Vortex Spectre
6. Elder Night (Arcane Fires)

Band Line-up:

A on guitars and vocals
T on drums
E on bass



Nachash are a Norwegian black metal band hailing from Oslo. Their name translates from the Hebrew for serpent: a great name for the genre. Are they continuing the dark history of Norse Black Metal?

Let’s find out.

The first offering is what we might expect from a black metal album. Its slow intro builds menacingly, the heavy and aggressive closing sections leading to a pure demonic guttural vocal overlay from Anders. A dark and catchy offering to open the record. Nachash have taken it up a notch on this album. The opening track, “Red Death Eclipse” straight away shatters your expectations. With a solid fist-pumping slab of dark metal with plenty of blackened hooks, the album gets off to a promising start.

The album mixes it up all the way through, heavy yet melodic in places. Tracks like “Apex Illuminous” and “Astral Sacrifice” will leave you unable to resist the urge to headbang along. Nachash have put a lot of work into trying to create a classic black metal record. I like the way they use the vocals sparingly; when you have a guitarist/vocalist you can accent with vocals as you see fit.

Nachash have created an excellent addition to Nordic black metal history; in fact, the genre as a whole. The album has the variation and solid composition but lacks the production quality.

Phantasmal Triunity should fit very nicely into your black metal library without any disturbance. My favourite tracks were “Red Death Eclipse”, “Vortex Spectre” and “Elder Night (Arcane Fires)”.


Reviewed by

David William Hatton