Obszön Geschöpf – Master of Giallo

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: http://www.darkstarrecords.com
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://darkstarrecords.ecrater.com/p/31833164/master-of-giallo-cd-by-obszon
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/ObszonGeschopfOfficial/?ref=br_rs

Band line-up:

Remzi -Vocals
Yohann – Guitars
Francky – Guitars
Mike ( Monstrosity ) – Bass
Mydryase / Adrien – Machines


1. The New York Ripper
2. April Fool’s Massacre
3. Body Pieces
4. Murderock
5. The Moon Watches Me When I Kill
6. The Black Gloves of Terror
7. My Scalpel Dances at Midnight
8. The Death Kiss
9. Shadow of the Hat Killer’s Knife
10. Giallo Forever


Obszön Geschöpf are a horror groove metal band, with grunge, hard rock, industrial and death metal influences and a 90s vibe. They formed in 1996 and are for fans of Pantera, Down, Alice in Chains and NIN. Their latest, 8th album ‘Master of Giallo’ was released on October 31st for Halloween. This was through Dark Star records in association with Sony Music and Universal Music.

Whilst this band has a powerful sound, don’t expect the quality and wide variety of riffs of classic, thrashy Pantera. Instead the band are going for a more chilled and simplified (relatively speaking) White Zombie style. Their ideas are a lot of fun certainly, but many are the kind that have probably been done many times by other artists famous or otherwise. What at least partially makes up for the predictability is the expert 6 string playing that is full of crazed emotion. If you’re into rock guitar, this album is worth getting just for that. It’s the kind of stuff even Paul Gilbert would respect.

Again like some of Obszon’s contemporaries, the drumming whilst having a nice groove, doesn’t have the force to shake up the senses and offer too much interest. Rather, it stays more in the background and fails to really impress. Of course not all drumming is intended to be flashy, so that can be excused. However, the vocals are far more important in music and they are also somewhat bland and forgettable. Again, sometimes clever melodies aren’t necessarily essential for frontmen, but only if they have the ability to get the listener going with their energy. Obszon don’t really do that.

In conclusion, I’m going to bring up the word ‘fun’ again. Whilst the material is cliched, it’s far from inadequate and if you’re new or new-ish to metal, it will most likely sound refreshing or even fascinating to you. (If you’re young and impressionable, that is). Other than its occasional mild problems with repetition, this music does have the ability to draw the listener in, with its simple charms and contrasting ambitious solos. Check the band out!

Review by Simon Wiedemann
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