Night Crowned – Humanity Will Echo Out

Rating: 3/5
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

K. Romlin – Vocals
J. Jaloma – Drums
M. Sunesson – Guitars
J. Eskilsson – Guitars
H. Liljesand – Bass


1. No Room For Hope
2. Nocturnal Pulse
3. All Life Ends


Night Crowned call themselves a Swedish blackened death metal band, and they are on Black Lion Records. They are for fans of Unanimated, Dissection, Emperor, Dark Funeral and the like. Their musical vision is to recreate the sounds of 90s Scandinavia, despite them having more cutting edge and precise production. Their debut EP, ‘Humanity Will Echo Out’, will be released worldwide on November 30th, 2018.

As the band’s goal is to parody others, it’s not particularly surprising they don’t have an original sound. Can the lack of innovations be criticised or are NC immune to any negative comments, in that respect? Well not from me, they’re not. Sure everything in this album is done well; the drumming is hectic and relentless, the guitars are even a little flashy at times and the ‘singing’ is evil and crazed. Furthermore and more importantly, the songwriting is very strong with its variety of spooky, thoughtful textures and its crushing power. However, if the group are trying to be retro and admired, they should be new at least a little bit with their instrumentation and such, otherwise you might as well buy another old school CD. There are lots to choose from! Updating the production is arguably not enough.

Interestingly, the song ‘No Room For Hope’ has a riff in it that is rather similar to Deftones’s ultra obscure demo song ‘Christmas’. However, I’m sure that was purely coincidental. Had Night Crowned put some real alternative metal/emotional nu metal ideas into their music, THEN they would have created a sound new enough to respect. Ok, ok, ok, that’s not what they want. The band claim to have death metal influences, but they are minimal, again likely causing a certain amount of disappointment for many. The only real DM on offer is the occasional guttural growl. NC are almost pure black metal.

In conclusion and to be fair, there isn’t actually too much to complain about as the band write just as well as the people they have been inspired by. However as explained, they barely add to the genre in any way. Of course, if you’ve heard little black metal in your life, this material will be refreshing to you and if you’re a mega fan of the genre, you will still like this. Relatively few bands push too many boundaries, so now that I think of it, maybe my review was a tiny bit harsh.

Review by Simon Wiedemann