Rating: 2.5/5
Released: 2018
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Band Line-up

Stevan Vasiljevic,
Chris Richard,
Vincent Bemer,


1. Through The Perfection Of Your Nothing
2. Till Love Do Us Part
3. Grief
4. Black Pram






Releasing their first album French Post-Black metal trio Nature Morte come to the scene with a dark atmospheric and minimalistic sound. They describe themselves as Blackgaze and Post Hardcore. These are genres I myself am not too familiar with yet. Their first release NM1 only contains 4 songs though they are on the longer side. The first song is the shortest over 6 minutes long and the other three songs 9-10 minutes long. The vocals are not loud and tend to be more like raspy screams and non discernible words. I feel this was their intention. There was no variation in the singing and it was kept very minimal. The songs are more reliant on the instrumental and atmospheric aspects and the vocals are not very strong throughout the entirety of the album. Nothing really grabbed my attention.

Each song is slow and brooding. Grief almost felt like 2 separate songs, for the break at around the 3:40 mark where it went quiet and then quickly crescendo-ed back into the song. Black Pram starts with a kind of tremolo style electric guitar intro and then a nice bass melody joins in building up to a small break and the song goes heavy. Black Pram was an interesting song and in fact my favourite. It had a decent balance of soft and heavy. It was really pleasant and chill to listen to especially as it neared the ending of the song and album. It was the longest of the songs. To be honest I would have enjoyed this track without the vocals even more.






This would be more for the taste of anyone who enjoys simple, atmospheric, doom and minimalist metal. I do not feel it really did much for me and I gave it a couple listens through. It sounded solid production wise but I was not feeling much energy from it especially in the vocals department. For their first outing it is not bad so I gave them a 2.5 out of 5 rating. I enjoyed the dark atmosphere of the music. I recommend giving them a listen and maybe you will get more out of it than I did.